Buy Motorola Droid Bionic Online at Amazon and Verizon

Among all the 4G LTE phones launched at Verizon, Droid Bionic is the best one of the lot — or at least until the rumored Droid Prime gets a nod. Well, if patience is not your thing and you’re quite sold on the Droid Bionic, you can now buy the phone online at from Verizon or Amazon, with the former selling it for $300 (which is a bit expensive) and latter handing it out for nice $200, with both requiring your sig on the 2-year contract.

And if you want to buy it without tying yourself to a contract thing, it’s gonna cost you $589 at Verizon while Amazon will charge unreasonably high, $699.

Ready to order Droid Bionic? These links will help you:

So, who’s finally taking it home?

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