What does black heart mean on Instagram stories

What does anything mean? Isn’t that the real question? Maybe we’ll cover that another time, but for now, let’s talk about social media lingo. Social media has its own language of sorts. And if the acronyms weren’t confusing enough, you have emojis to add to that list.

Different emojis represent different things. Some of them are easy to figure out, like a simple smiley 😊, but some aren’t so obvious. In this article, we will cover what the black heart emoji means on Instagram.

What is the black heart emoji 🖤

The black heart emoji is one of the variations of the heart emoji. There are a number of color variations for the heart emoji that include blue💙, purple💜, brown🤎, and others. The most commonly used one of course is the red heart emoji 💗. The red heart, as everyone knows, symbolizes love.

The black heart is used less often, and not as generally as the red heart. On Instagram, the black heart can be used in comments, DMs, and even stories.

What does the black heart mean

Well, considering that these symbolisms are user-defined, they aren’t very specific. Although, they do seem to follow a similar theme. Here are a few symbolisms of the black heart emoji.

  • Death: The black heart emoji is primarily associated with death.
  • Dark humor: Not everyone appreciates dark humor, but those who do could use the black heart emoji to convey the fact that they are simply joking.
  • Mourning: Similar to death, the black emoji has become closely associated with grief and mourning.
  • Unsure/Playing it safe: If used out of the above contexts, the emoji could mean that the person does not want to use the red heart. Since the red heart very clearly symbolizes love, if the person is not sure how they feel yet, they could use a black heart or another colored heart emoji.
  • Dislike: If a person sends a black heart, it could mean that they are trying to convey to the recipient that they are dead to them.

Where can you use the back heart emoji

Reading into what the black heart symbolizes, you can gather a general idea as to where you can use this emoji. Here are some instances where the black heart emoji might be appropriately used.

  • To send condolences to a person who recently lost someone. For example, ‘Sorry for your loss 🖤’.
  • To make sure the person knows you aren’t serious about something iffy. You can add it at the end of a sentence.
  • As a reaction to dark humor. If someone sends you a dark joke, you can use the ‘lol’ emoji followed by the black heart, to show them that you liked it. (😄🖤)
  • You can also add the black heart emoji to your story to show your mourning at the loss of a loved one, or even a famous figure.

How to use the black heart in an Instagram story

The black heart emoji can be used as a sticker in your Instagram story. To use the black heart in your story, follow this simple guide.

Launch the Instagram app and swipe right to reach your camera page.

Now click a photo to set as your Instagram story. (You can also choose an image from your gallery by swiping up).Once you have your story, tap the ‘Stickers’ button in the top panel.

Use the search bar the top to look for ‘black heart’. While there is only one black heart emoji, there are quite a few GIFs to choose from.

Tap the sticker to add it to your story. Go ahead and post your story as you normally would.

Well, now you know what the black heart emoji means on Instagram, and how to use it. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.


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