How to turn on post notifications on Instagram

Instagram, thanks to its well-crafted UI and aesthetic philosophy, has nurtured a loyal fanbase over the years. It’s not as quirky as some of the newer kids on the block, but that hasn’t made the platform any less popular. Millions of users across the globe log in religiously, every day, to see their friends and favorite celebrities, to climb up the ladder of social media stardom.

Like all its contemporaries, Instagram thrives on engagement. The more you like and comment, the more attention you grab, the more popular you become. And to improve engagement, you must be aware of the posts that draw the most crowd. Today, in this piece, we’ll tell you all you need to know about notifications on Instagram, guaranteeing you never miss an important update.

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How do notifications work on Instagram?

Like its parent company Facebook, Instagram, too, notifies you whenever someone likes your comment, mentions you in one, or tags you in a post. Many of these settings are usually set for people you follow, but you could choose to receive notifications from everyone — people who have an Instagram account.

How to turn on notifications for likes on your posts?

Instagram turns this option by default, but if you’re still not getting notifications on new likes, you’re ought to re-check this setting.

To turn on notifications for likes, first, go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Notifications.’ Now, tap on ‘Posts, Stories, and Comments.’

Finally, choose either ‘From People I Follow’ or ‘From Everyone’ under ‘Likes.’

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How to turn on notifications for activity on Photos of You?

You could choose to get notifications for likes and comments on photos that you’re tagged in. By default, Instagram only notifies you when someone who follow comments on a photo that you’re tagged in.

However, there is an option to turn notifications for everyone. To do so, go to Settings and open ‘Notifications. Tap on ‘Posts, Stories, and Comments’ and set ‘Likes and Comments on Photos of You’ to ‘From Everyone.’

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How to get notified when someone tags you in a photo?

Similar to the sections above, you could opt in to get notified whenever someone tags you in a photo. To turn it on, go to ‘Settings,’ ‘Notifications,’ Posts, Stories, and Comments,’ and select ‘From Everyone’ under ‘Photos of You.’

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How to turn on notifications for comments on your posts?

Whenever someone comments on one of your posts, Instagram sends you a notification. However, if you’re still not getting notifications for new comments, it’d probably be wise to go through it all over again.

To check, first access ‘Notifications’ under ‘Settings’ and then tap on ‘Posts, Stories, and Comments.’ Now, scroll down and turn on ‘Comments’ ‘From Everyone.’

How to get notifications for comment likes?

The social media platform also sends you notifications for likes on your comments — just like Facebook.

To make sure the setting is turned on, go to ‘Settings,’ hit ‘Notifications, and tap on ‘Posts, Stories, and Comments.’ Finally, scroll down, and select ‘On’ under ‘Comment Likes and Pins.’


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