How to Play the Hidden Instagram DM Game

What to know

  • Instagram has a hidden game in your DMs. 
  • Simply tap on an emoji in the chat and start playing.
  • Your high score is saved in the app, regardless of the emoji you use to play. 

Feeling bored on Instagram? Well, now you can beat the blues by playing a simple yet engaging game that will take you back to the days of arcade gaming. You can even rack up a high score over time. Here’s how to go about it

How to play the Instagram game in your DMs

  1. Open an Instagram chat and send an emoji of your choice. Then simply tap on the emoji to start the game.

    Note: You can also tap on an emoji sent by the other person in the chat to start the game. 

  2. The game will begin with your emoji bouncing around and the paddle at the bottom. Keep the emoji from hitting the floor and score some points. With every point scored, the emoji will speed up.

While you are playing the game, the other person in the chat will not know what you’re doing and it may come across as weird why you’re sending them emojis for no reason. But since you can start the game with any emoji in the chat, even those sent by the other person, perhaps it would be better to start the game from a previously sent (or received) emoji. 

Do note that if you leave the game, you’ll have to start afresh the next time. However, your high score will be saved so you can always compete against yourself the next time you play. The Instagram DM game is available for both iOS and Android users.  

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