Best rugged cases for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

The best rugged cases for Redmi Note 6 Pro

The Redmi Note 6 Pro is Xiaomi’s latest attempt at producing a premium yet affordable handset. The product was launched in India not so long ago, and if you’re thinking of buying it, then you might want to also consider getting a case to go with it.

With broken screen repairs going as far as $150, it’s a good idea to invest in a durable case. Rugged cases are the best option for those with really slippery hands. If you know yourself to be clumsy, a tough rugged case will take the day-to-day abuse without flinching, while keeping your phone in pristine condition should you ever want to re-sell it.

So to make it easier for you, we rounded up some rugged phone cases that are guaranteed to safeguard your new and shiny device.

Norby Rugged Heavy Duty Case

A rugged case designed by Norby that will provide perfect fitting to your Redmi Note 6 Pro. Made from a combination of soft silicone and military grade plastic, the cover offers 360-degree edge-to-edge protection for your phone. Complete with a carbon fiber texture on the back, this case will also enhance the look of your device. Grab it in Armor Gray, Armor Gold and Armor Black.

Buy at Amazon (INR 299)

Zynke Shockproof Case

Zynke made a sleek and slim rugged case for the Redmi Note 6 Pro which has been reinforced with shockproof technology. The product also features bumpers with anti-shock cushion technology to protect the vulnerable parts.

Snapping the case on your phone will also provide extra grip, so you won’t have to worry about your slippery hands doing a number on you anymore. Available in Black.

Buy at Amazon (INR 229)

Golden Sand Rugged Case

The rugged case made by Golden Sand is made of TPU and has Anti Shock Corners. It’s made using eco-friendly materials that are sturdy enough to offer 360-degree protection.  The cover features a raised lip that safeguards the display, while the unique brushed silk/carbon texture on the back makes the device a lot more grippy.

Buy at Flipkart (INR 499)

Johra Dual Layer Rugged Case

Johra has a dual layer rugged case available for the Redmi Note 6 Pro too. It features a flexible TPU inner layer to safeguard against shocks and drops and a strong PC outer layer for extra toughness.

What’s more, the textured design on the back, ensures your phone will never slip out of your hands again. The case also has a built-in kickstand that’s perfect for when you want to watch a video or make a video call. Get it in All-Black, or with Red or Blue accents.

Buy at Amazon (INR 395)

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shellmo Rugged Amor Case

Check out this form-fitting case for the Redmi Note 6 Pro which features a hard shell to protect your phone in any scenario. The surface benefits from the hard coating in order to add a slip-free grip. Coming with a very slim profile, this case is 83% off at Flipkart right now.

Buy at Flipkart (INR 115)

So now that you have an idea of the rugged cases that are available on the market, which would you get for your Redmi Note 6 Pro?

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