10 Cool New Android Apps & Games. Enjoy!

Presenting to you a wholesome wholegrain experience of Android in every aspect of the complete Smartphone/Tablet Experience! Here are a few roundups that would do exactly the same.


This is a challenging game where you have to help a little robot named Cordy to power up his world by making him run, jump, push, pull, lift, and throw his way through exciting puzzles in beautiful places. Enjoy it to its fullest capacity with amazing levels and updates lined up for you. So get it soon and enjoy being challenged in a beautiful world.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.silvertree.cordy” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Cordy[/button] 

PicsIn Photo


PicsIn photo is one of the best mobile photo editors. This new avatar of Photoid, gives you amazing photo effects to choose from. You can apply filters to your photos, can add funny symbols, frames, stickers, text effects, clipart graphics, and many more. You can make a collage and can access your pictures from Flickr and Picasa. PicsIn gives you the ability to share your work through Facebook (post to the wall and album), upload them to Flickr and Picasa web albums. You can also send photos by SMS and email. And that’s not all folks! PicsIn allows you to draw photo effects with your fingers and share it with your friends for a laugh riot. Don’t wait, this is the ultimate stage of creativity and fun.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.photo.picsinphoto” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download PicsIn Photo[/button] 

Plug In Launcher

Ever thought how cool would it be if you could launch your favourite application the moment you switched your Android device on, or plugged it in (USB, charging or playback device)? Plug In launcher brings to you the opportunity to do so. This launcher allows you to choose the apps you want to start when  you either plug in or reboot your device. This launcher saves time and makes it convenient. Plug your headphones in and just hit play, or launch the alarm when you put in your device to charge, or start podcasting the moment you attach your device to a USB port. You can also set the automated launch or a message asking for permission to launch so as not to interrupt a particular current task. How much more customized would we want our Androids to be?

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.launcher.plugin” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Plug In Launcher[/button] 

Glass Widgets

There are presently three widgets available with this app, namely glass clock widget with weather update, glass calendar widget and a glass news widget which displays RSS feeds. It allows you to enjoy your live wallpaper yet give you a glance of important information. In the free version, the background and text colour adjustment options are locked. To unlock them you need to purchase this application which would cost you half a dollar. The future of this app also looks amazing as it is to get a new avatar like support for Atoms feeds, Google Reader, GPS supported, location based weather forecast. This is an nice app which makes your Android a complete ready-to-serve ready-to-use device with all information at a glance.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=dk.nicolai.buch.andersen.glasswidgets” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Glass Widget[/button]

GO Contacts

Kiss your stock contacts and the dialler goodbye. GO Contacts is a powerful application that gives you fast searches, grouping, duplicates merge and security backup and recovery. Its features are: quick find by name, alphabet, or keyword, group contacts allowing drag & group, batch SMS and email by pressing one key, merge duplicates identified by name or numbers. GO Contacts allows a smart dialling option where you can punch in a half remembered number and the app would search similar numbers. If you download a plugin this app, it will show registered location of a phone number (however available in the Chinese version only). Another great thing about this application is that it provides for a brilliant backup system by saving the contacts in the SD card for later recovery. This app is a must for all the busy folks who do not like to waste time in searching contacts.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.jbapps.contact” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download GO Contacts[/button]

Car Conductor: Traffic Control

Are you a good traffic conductor? There is a fun way to know that. DroidHen brings to you Car Conductor, a sweet game packed with loads of fun. Your mission would be to guide to the right lane to reach their destination safely. You need to drag the cars to switch lanes and tap on car to stop or resume moving. You need to watch out for and avoid road blocks at some places. The game gives you nice graphics, audio, and some amazing themes like Beach, Town, City, Village, Desert, Glacier, and many more to come. The game plays in two modes, classic and challenge. In the Classic mode the player has to guide cars to their destination in limited time, and once you complete the Classic mode with full stars you get to unlock the Challenge mode. You’d love this game.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.droidhen.car3d” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Car Conductor: Traffic Control[/button]

Sweet Home Image Wi-Fi PC Sync

This is a handy application that helps you sync the camera of your Android device with your PC, network drive, media center, digital album, etc. completely wirelessly on Wi-Fi and send photos and videos without any hassle. It automatically patches with the devices and can synchronize even when the device is put on charge.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=sweesoft.sweethome” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Sweet Home Image Wi-Fi PC Sync[/button]

ESPN Bracket Bound 2011

Crazy about National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Men’s basketball tournament! Here’s an application made by ESPN Inc called the ESPN Bracket Bound that takes you right in the middle of the action and excitement. The application also contains a challenge, which will keep you hooked. ESPN Bracket Bound features video highlights, ESPN expert analysis and interviews of top players and coaches, weekly ranking including AP and power rankings of the top NCAA teams, live score updates using ESPN Mobile Gamecast. The main attraction of this app is the ESPN tournament challenge where you’ll have to fill 10 brackets with your ESPN.com account, follow the leadership board and measure performance against the best entries in the game, and improve your performance by comparing yours to private and public groups of family, friends, and other college basketball fans. This will be a treat for the Basketball lover in you.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.espn.droid.bracket_bound” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download ESPN Bracket Bound 2011[/button]

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

Allreceipes.com Inc brings to you Dinner Spinner, an application that gives you thousands of top recipes quickly and easily on your Android device allowing you to view its picture and reviews from a community of millions of home cooks and all of this at a touch of a finger. It also gives you time saving recipe tips submitted by Allrecipes.com members and of course their recipe variations. You can select your favorites by dish names (appetizers, main course, desserts, beverages, and so on), by ingredient, by desired ready-in-time recipes, which showcases all recipes which can be cooked under 20 minutes. You can also try a random dish by shaking the device and you’ll get a random recipe to experiment with. You can also share these dishes as posts on Facebook, or tweets on Twitter, or you can email them to you family and friends. So what are you waiting for, all you need is a ‘spin’!

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.allrecipes.spinner.free” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner[/button]

Abyss Attack Demo


Be ready to experience one of the best games on Android. Presenting Abyss Attack, this is a vertical shooter game with physics animation, boss fights, and rich graphics. You’ll have to shoot strange creatures from your ship while you explore the mysterious underwater world with canyons searching for archaic savage creatures to destroy. This game has 8 unique bosses, beautiful creature movements using physics simulation, and amazing graphics. Tilting your device makes the ship move, avoid hitting the creatures and shoot weapons by tapping on them. There are a few things you must know before you get captivated by this mesmerizing game. Firstly, the user requires a 1 GHz processor in their Android devices, this is a demo version and to enjoy the complete game you need to buy it, and it does not run on the following devices as of now, Xperia X10, Huawei u8230, Motorola Atrix, etc.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=game.shooter.abyss_attack_free” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Abyss Attack Demo[/button]

Here at The Android Soul we always try to bring such things for you that would improve your experience with your Android device. We constantly strive to compile roundups of such applications, which when put together would give a wholesome and holistic feel to the performance of your Android device. Please comment and tell us how useful do you find these apps to be, and how would you want some else, for your personal delectation.

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  1. I have Car Conductor on my phone, and it’s addictive. I haven’t been able to get through the Classic mode yet, as it is a little challenging, but soon…well worth the price (that would be free). Kudos to the makers.

  2. I have Car Conductor on my phone, and it’s addictive. I haven’t been able to get through the Classic mode yet, as it is a little challenging, but soon…well worth the price (that would be free). Kudos to the makers.

  3. Nice thanks

  4. Nice thanks

  5. What about Angry Birds? To me the best game ever!

  6. What about Angry Birds? To me the best game ever!

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