Best time tracker apps for Android to keep you focused

Android Time Tracker Apps

We’ve all heard the time-old tale of how “time is money” and despite some of us feeling that we might have years on our side, time is a commodity that simply slips away when we aren’t even noticing. Whether it is in your early days as a student where you need to keep your lectures and study sessions organized, or in later life when you’re making a living and growing your business, time tracking is the bare essential to what makes for an organized and well-managed lifestyle.

However, in a world where you can easily burn away hours watching your favorite Netflix shows and movies, time management without any additional help can be gruesome. The Google Play Store that you head over to download all of those distracting games, is also home to an ocean of resources that keep you sharp and focused with the best time tracking apps.

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Best time tracker apps for Android

Whether you need to carve out time for your school or college curriculum, or you’re a freelancer trying to get the most amount of work done in a day, here are the best time tracking apps for you to try out.

1. TimeTune

You may seem some people be naturally good at managing their schedule and keep a track of their time, but most of us need the extra help. TimeTune is designed to be an app you use every day as a time management journal app that not only helps you create a daily routine to streamline your work and personal life, but also offers useful insights on how to improve productivity.

Start off by creating a Routine of your daily, weekly, or just a calendar-based schedule and plan out your entire day with the app, and over a period of time, TimeTune will create a Timeline of your progress, giving you insights on how much time you spend on variables such as Eating, Work, Gym, Sleeping, and more.

2. SaveMyTime

Time is all about numbers, and so is the science of our existence, which is why some of the best time trackers apps are just number crunchers in disguise. SaveMyTime is one such offering, built to be smarter than your average time management tool as it not only comes with the ability for you to manually enter your daily routine but also offers helpful tips on how you can make the most out of your day.

With the help of statistical graphs, you can not only find out the amount of time you’ve spent on specific tasks such as balancing the ratio of work and leisure activities but also discovers areas where you can improve time management with special paid features.

3. aTimeLogger

While some of the time management apps you’ll find on the list are strictly business-oriented, aTimeLogger is a popular Android app that manages to work just as well for business as it does for regular users.

Designed to offer a user-friendly approach to time tracking, you can easily set up certain long-term or short-term goals that you want to achieve, pause and even resume tasks just like a timer, create automatic time tracking based on your daily work schedule, and even send out reports of your entire productivity statistics so you can record your progress and improve where you fall short.

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4. Smart Time

While you may be trying to get more hours out of your day for either work, leisure, or just those sweet moments of sleep, keeping a track of your time all the time can be frustrating. This is where Smart Time offers you their versatile service that not only helps you view your entire Timeline highlighting what takes up the precious moments in your life, but also a machine-learning Assistant that helps you do better.

You’re met with a carefully crafted weekly report that offers a deeper analysis of how you’re doing and it also comes with a standalone sleep tracker that makes sure that you get ample of good night’s sleep too.

5. Todait

One of the few time management apps that are specifically directed towards students looking to get better with their grades and focus on things that matter other than books, Todait is designed with simplicity in mind.

Just the perfect app you need to keep yourself determined before exam season, this time tracker app comes with features such as Automatic Distribution to break down your study routine into manageable bits, keeps you in line with alarms, calendar management, and a stopwatch to make sure you do justice to each of the subjects. The Todait app even comes with a Lock-Out Mode that you will love to hate, along with the Automatic Plan Adjustment mode that makes sure you don’t deviate from the goal.

6. Timesheet

One of the more business and work oriented time tracker apps on the list, Timesheet has been an invaluable online service for the modern virtual office space. Managing your work can be daunting by itself, which is why handling the work schedule for those that work under you can be even more challenging, but not if you’re using Timesheet.

Apart from managing the tasks and duties of your group in Project Management, the app doubles up as an easy-to-use Expense Tracker which also allows you to add Notes to milestone tasks and even includes Coffee Breaks as a way to account for any lost time during the work. It also comes with multi-platform support and built-in Statistics to help you break it all down.

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7. Toggl

Another name in the time management service business that has been around for years now, Toggl has mastered the art of time tracking on other platforms and recently made its way to Android.

When it comes to the mobile app, you get every bit of the regular features that the other time management apps do, such as viewing Reports on your daily/weekly/monthly way of spending your time on work and at home, but what you don’t get with some of the other apps is the Suggestions feature that automatically learns your behaviour and pattern of operating, and includes useful tips to streamline things.

Additionally, there comes a serious amount of customization to Toggl, which allows you to set up goals for different projects, clients, and relate them all with unique tags which can be easily looked up using the app’s Shortcuts feature.

8. Harvest

While we like the fact that Harvest (another major player in the online time tracker service business) offers an Android app for business-oriented users to manage their time on the go, it may not be best for individual users. The simplified design is good to work with and the dedicated Expense Tracker module in the app is perfect to use on business trips, as it allows you to not only create invoices and send them out but also log them with actual receipt photos.

On the time management side of things, you can create Projects and even manage the ones you created online by syncing them with the app, and a special feature for freelancers allows them to create timesheets for billable and non-billable hours.

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Are you looking for a time tracker app to help you individually get better at managing your daily routine and life in general, or want a powerful tool to manage your business and workforce efficiently?

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