Best Random Password Generator Tools To Use!

Passwords help keep you and your data safe. They protect your finances, identity and help you access your content from virtually anywhere on the web. With the growing integration of our modern lives with the digital world, each user has at least 50 to 100 passwords to manage. It can become quite difficult to think of strong interesting passwords when signing up to a new service in such cases which is why random password generators are here to help you!

Let’s take a look at the top 5 offerings currently on the market that can help you generate new and strong passwords at the tap of a button!

On Desktop

Desktop users can use a variety of methods to generate all kinds of passwords with the simple click of a button. Use one of the tools mentioned below that best suits your needs. 

Google Password manager

Google’s Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on the market and currently holds a 66% share of entire worldwide browser downloads. If you use Google services regularly, then chances are, that Chrome is already installed on your system. Chrome comes with an inbuilt password generator — called Google Password Manager actually — and a security tester.

The security tester helps look for compromised passwords while the generator helps you get new and strong passwords right from your browser. This utility does not require any additional downloads and is the perfect choice for users that have Chrome already installed on their systems. 


  • No additional downloads needed
  • Direct browser suggestions when signing up to a new service/website
  • Easy to use
  • Strong password suggestions and regular checks for compromised passwords
  • Check, add, edit and delete passwords on the web anytime on Google Password Manager


  • No customization when generating passwords
  • Can only generate passwords in the dedicated field
  • Password sync needs to be turned on first before using the generator

Secure Password Generator

Strong Random Password Generator is one of the best free password generation tools currently available on the market. It allows you to specify the length of your passwords as well as decide what character you wish to include in them. The best part about Strong Random Password Generator is the fact that you can generate passwords locally, instead of using servers and exposing your passwords to potential attacks. The tool also generates a nifty little password help suggestion for you as well which will come in handy in case you forget or lose your password in the near future.  


  • Local Password Generation
  • Definable Password Length
  • Ability to include or exclude certain characters
  • Preferences saver
  • Automatic Password ‘Help’ phrase generation
  • Maximum Supported Length of Passwords: 2048 characters


  • Needs a different tool to generate bulk passwords
  • Can not provide seeds to generate custom passwords

Lastpass Password Generator

LastPass has been the most dominant service when it comes to password managers. The company recently changed its free service model to restrict users from getting multi-platform support but that doesn’t seem to have affected their userbase at all. While a password manager at heart, Lastpass also offers a free password generator that has an easy-to-grasp UI along with nifty features for you to generate secure passwords at the click of a button. It is very easy to use LastPass and passwords generated by it should be more than secure for the average user. 


  • Easy UI
  • Customizable Password strings
  • Definable characters


  • Free users have access to either mobile or PC (from March 16th, 2021)
  • No bulk password generator
  • Max character length for passwords: 50
  • No ‘help’ phrase generation
  • No support for Local Password generation

Norton Password Generator

Provided by Norton Securities, the developer of Norton Anti-Virus, the Norton Password generator is quite similar to the LastPass Password generator. It has a similar, easy-to-use UI alongside the ability to define characters. Norton Password Generator allows you to generate secure passwords with a simple click and even has an easy way to copy the generated password to your clipboard. Compared to LastPass, you get an extended password length of 64 characters however you miss out on definable characteristics for your password as well as the ability to include or remove certain characters.  


  • Easy to use instant password generator
  • Password length: 64 characters


  • Can not define characteristics of passwords
  • No ‘help’ phrase generation
  • No support for local password generation

Dashlane Password Generator

Another offering from a prominent password manager, the Dashlane Password generator is another nifty one-click tool competing with the likes of LastPass and Norton. It has a simple UI combined with a few definable characteristics that can help you generate a password based on your preferences. Dashlane is the simplest password generator of the 3 and is a one-click solution for novice users. If you need a simple, strong password without having to mess with a lot of settings, then Dashlane would be our recommendation for you. 


  • Easy to use and simple UI
  • Built-in password strength tester
  • Ability to include or exclude certain characters from your password


  • Maximum supported password length: 40 characters
  • No ‘help’ phrase generation
  • No definable characteristics like easy to read, easy to remember, etc. 

On Mobile

Mobile users will have to use a slightly different approach when generating passwords. Apart from using websites, mobile users can also opt for certain apps and in-built utilities to generate passwords on the go. Let’s take a look at our top 5 picks for mobile users. 

Google Password Manager

Just like its desktop variant, the Chrome mobile app can also help suggest you strong passwords when signing up to websites. If you are a Chrome user looking for simple password suggestions without requirements for special characters or certain seeds, then the Google Password Manager built right into the Chrome browser might be the perfect choice for you.

Simply turn on Password sync and Chrome will automatically start suggesting you passwords when signing up to a website or service. This can be used to your advantage as you can generate strong passwords by simply visiting any sign-up page, and then copy them and use it them in any app on your device. This way you can get Chrome to generate strong passwords for you, even when signing up for services using dedicated apps. 


  • Pre-installed service on most devices, no additional downloads needed
  • Strong and secure automatic password generation
  • Bundled along with password checker to look for compromised passwords
  • Check, add, edit and delete passwords on the web anytime on Google Password Manager


  • No option to define password length
  • No option to generate bulk passwords
  • Passwords generated using Google servers
  • No option to customize your password using seeds or by excluding characters

Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator is a nifty password generation Android app that is totally ad-free and does not have any kind of monetization. Currently rated at 4.6/5 on the Google Play Store, Strong Password Generator is a simple and very easy-to-use app in our experience. You can generate complex passwords at the tap of a button and the best part? You can turn off mobile data to ensure that none of your passwords are being sent around the world. 


  • Totally free, no ads
  • No Paywall
  • One-click Password generation
  • Customizable character inclusion or exclusion


  • Maximum Password Length: 32 Characters
  • No option to generate multiple passwords
  • No option to customize password readability or define custom seeds

Use a password manager app

This applies to users that are using a third-party password manager to manage all their passwords. If you do not use a password manager, then you can skip to the next listing. Each modern-day password manager comes with an in-built password generator that can help you generate complex passwords on the fly. You can use this to your advantage to generate complex passwords directly on your mobile. Be it Lastpass or Bitwarden, most modern-day password managers have a built-in password generator. Here are some of the most commonly used managers with a built-in password generator. 

And more! Chances are that if you have a third-party password manager, then there is an already built-in password generator. 


  • Easy Password Generator
  • No additional app or service required
  • Direct password suggestions and storage
  • Easy access to all your generated passwords
  • Can define character length, characters, and seeds in most cases. 


  • Some password managers require premium plans to access the generator
  • Password suggestions during sign-up can not be customized
  • Autofill/auto-suggestion doesn’t always work

Use a password generator website

If you do not like any of the alternatives listed above, then you can simply use a Password generator website on your mobile browser to generate strong passwords. They are easy to navigate, offer umpteen customizations and even allow you to copy generated passwords to your clipboard through a secure listing. You can use the websites listed above for desktop users or use one of the links below for easy access. 


  • Easy to use as long as you have an internet connection
  • No third party apps or services required
  • Definable password length
  • Ability to include or exclude certain characters
  • Bulk password generation and seed defining in some cases


  • Can not be used without an internet connection
  • Passwords can be compromised if your browser is compromised
  • Some sites may not be mobile friendly


Our last choice for mobile users is the KeePassDX Password manager. This password manager is free to use and open source. It is also hosted locally on your device and can be configured to use your own private servers. KeePassDX is not a password generator but comes with an in-built generator. You can use this to your advantage to get strong and definable passwords directly on your mobile device. 


  • Maximum Password Length: 128 characters
  • Open-source utility
  • Local Password storage and generation
  • Definable characters
  • Support for Extended ASCII when generating passwords
  • Extended formatting support


  • Can not generate bulk passwords
  • Have to trick the app into thinking a password is being stored to generate passwords
  • Extended ASCII characters might not be supported by all websites

Strong Password Generators

If you’re looking to generate strong passwords that can withstand common day brute force attacks, then these three password generators are your best option. 

  • Secure Password Generator | Link
  • Lastpass Generator | Link
  • Dashlane Generator | Link

Memorable Password Generators

Memorable passwords can be generated by including readable phrases or known characters. Following services will help you generate umpteen memorable passwords on the fly. 

  • PasswordDog | Link
  • XKpassword Generator | Link
  • Password Ninja | Link

Bulk Password Generators

While password generators are great, they are not ideal if you wish to generate multiple passwords. Thankfully, there are dedicated utilities out there to help you generate up to 2000 secure passwords in one go. This can be exceptionally useful for organizations and admins looking to create multiple accounts. Here are our top picks for generating bulk passwords. 

  • ManyTools Password Generator | Link
  • Password Generator | Link
  • | Link
  • Password Generator Plus | Link

Best Free Password Generators

Password generators are great, but often their functionality and use are hidden behind paywalls. If you do not wish to pay for generating secure passwords then these apps and services will come in handy for you. 

  • KeePassDX (app) | Link
  • Strong Password Generator (app) | Link
  • Secure Password Generator (website) | Link

Best Password Generators based on input

If you are someone who likes remembering passwords and does not rely on password managers then you are probably looking for something easy to comprehend. There are password generators that can help you create passwords using seeds/user inputs for a more customized secure password. Here are our top picks for services that support password generation based on user input. 

  • PasswordDog | Link
  • MSD Services Password Generator | Link
  • XKPassword Generator | Link

We hope this guide helped you find a password generator based on your requirements. If you face any issues or have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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