Best Moto G6 thin cases that are ultra slim and lightweight

Moto G6

Motorola Moto G6 is one of Motorola’s rare success stories and not without good reason. Priced at the lower end of the mid-range, it offers the premium dual glass design (front and back) and amazing specs to go with it. Naturally, people flocked to buy this phone for it looks much more expensive than it actually is.

No matter how beautiful it looks, we all know how brittle glass is. And since the phone features a glass body, it requires adequate protection too. So, how about safeguarding your Moto G6 phone using a case that’s not only protective but fashionable too?

There are many kinds of cases available in the market like clear cases, rugged/armor cases, leather/wallet cases and more. However, there aren’t many protective cases out there that are slender-built and yet offer optimum protection to your phone. Yes, we’re talking about thin cases that are very popular because of their lightweight, compact design.

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Here we’ve listed the best Moto G6 thin cases that are available in the market. These cases not only prevent bulking up your phone but also serve its main purpose well – of ably protecting it. We’ve divided the article into two sections. In the first, we list the best Moto G6 thin cases available in the US and the World while in the second, we list the best thin cases available in India.

Please note that the cases mentioned below are only suitable for Moto G6 and NOT for Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plus variants.

US edition

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 1

Spigen is one of the most reputed and reliable case manufacturers in the world because their cases are always top notch. This thin case for your Moto G6 is no different as it offers complete protection to your device through its air cushion technology despite the slender and lightweight build. The carbon-fiber design gives your phone a fashionable look.

Buy Spigen Rugged Armor Case ($19.99)

Cimo Glossy Clear Case

Cimo is another well-known case manufacturer that delivers supreme quality cases at great prices. This clear case made out of soft flexible TPU features a glossy finish and protects your phone from damage arising out of accidental drops and bumps. However, the best part is that this transparent case doesn’t come in the way of showcasing your phone’s beauty.

Buy Cimo Glossy Clear Case ($7.98)

Cimo Thin Matte Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 3

This thin case by Cimo is made out of soft flexible TPU, known to absorb shocks arising from phone drops, bumps, and scratches. It features raised bezels that provide addditonal protection to the phone’s screen and camera. The matte back finish enhances grip that lessens the chances of you inadvertently dropping your Moto G6 phone. It’s currently available at a steal of a price too!

Buy Cimo Thin Matte Case ($4.98)

Arkour Thin Matte Hard Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 4

This ultra-thin and lightweight case by Arkour is made out of hard Polycarbonate back. Besides not adding any significant bulk to your Moto G6 phone, the minimalistic design enhances your phone’s look while keeping it safe at the same time. The matte back finish coupled with sandstone texture assures superior grip.

Buy Arkour Thin Matte Hard Case ($11.99)

OEAGO Easy Grip Thin Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 5

This case is made out of soft flexible TPU for enhanced protection of your Moto G6 phone against bumps and knocks. This lightweight case features precise cutouts for unhindered access to ports and buttons so much so that you even forget after a while that its there! Additionally, the anti-scratch back assures your phone’s good looks isn’t overshadowed by smudges.

Buy OEAGO easy grip thin case ($6.99)

Poetic soft TPU Case with Carbon Fiber texture

best thin cases for Moto G6 6

This form-fitting thin case by Poetic is made out of soft TPU for enhanced protection of your Moto G6 phone against damage arising out of accidental knocks, bumps, and falls. The carbon fiber design gives a contemporary look to your phone while enhancing grip at the same time. Lightweight and slim, this case fits into your pant pockets seamlessly without adding much bulk to your phone.

Buy Poetic soft TPU case ($9.95)

Sucnakp TPU Case with Raised Bezels

best thin cases for Moto G6 7

Sucnakp is slowly building a name for itself with its great quality phone cases. This soft TPU case for Moto G6 is another top quality product that safeguards your phone from acquiring damage in case of a fall or a knock. The anti-fingerprint case is easy to clean and comes with perfect cutouts that ensure uninhibited access to all the phone’s ports and buttons for your convenience.

Buy Sucnakp TPU case ($7.98)

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India edition

REALIKE® Thin Transparent Back Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 8

This clear case is one that’ll not only protect your device from all sides but also not come in the way of showcasing your Moto G6 phone’s amazingly good looks. Lightweight and slender, this case slips into your pockets seamlessly without adding too much of an additional bulk and precise cutouts ensure access to the phone’s ports and buttons at all times.

Buy Realike thin transparent back case (INR 299)

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 1

For details regarding this phone case, please refer to the identical listing in the US section above.

Get Spigen Rugged Armor Case (INR 799)

Annure® Slim Matte Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 9

This case by Annure is made out of slim, flexible TPU that doesn’t add any tangible bulk to your phone while protecting it from all sides. This anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch case also feature tactile buttons instead of cutouts to prevent dust accumulation for an all-round protection. The matte finish at the back ensures your grip over the phone is maintained.

Buy Annure slim matte case (INR 299)

KAPAVER® Slim Armor Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 10

This case by Kapaver is made out of single-layer TPU that makes it both lightweight and slim while keeping TPU’s protective features intact. Carbon fiber texture combined with glossy edges enhance your Moto G6 phone’s looks with a modern look. Raised lip provides additional protection to the phone’s camera and screen when placed on a flat surface.

Buy Kapaver Slim Armor Case (INR 499)

REALIKE® 3 in 1 Hybrid Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 11

This thin case is made out of hard PC that protects your Moto G6 phone from inadvertent drops, bumps, and knocks with its anti-shock cushion technology. Its thin and lightweight design doesn’t add any significant bulk to your phone, making it easy to slip into your pant pockets. Precise cutouts ensure you get free access to the phone’s buttons and ports without ever having to take off the protective shield.

Buy Realike 3-in-1 hybrid case (INR 499)

MTT Leather Texture Hard Back Case

best thin cases for Moto G6 12

This thin case is a true example of fashion combined with utility. While the back is made out of hard PC, the frame is composed of soft TPU, giving you the protective qualities of both materials. The leather texture not only looks great on your Moto G6 phone but also enhances the case’s grip quotient, making your phone less prone to inadvertent falling.

Buy MTT leather texture hard back case (INR 399)

This was a list of the best thin cases for the Moto G6 available in the US/World market and India. Not only are thin cases lightweight and easy to carry, but they are also quite capable of safeguarding your phone despite the slender build. Buying any of the abovementioned cases will surely do the job for your phone. Let us know in the comments below about your experience with any of these cases or if you want us to compose a similar post for a different phone.