Best Math games to play on Zoom online and on your phone

Best Math Zoom Games

Battling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the definition of outside interaction has changed drastically. With strict lockdown protocols still in place in most countries, physical, traditional hangouts sessions have gone out the window, and we’re a long way from finding a cure.

Amidst all the chaos, video calling applications have been our only respite. They aren’t as good as the real thing, of course, but they sure go a long way in ensuring that you stay connected to your close ones.

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Coming to video calling, there’s been one particular platform that has pulled ahead of the competition since the outbreak: Zoom. By offering a free license — with a 40-minute cap on group video calls — it convinced users to board the hype train, and very few have unboarded since.

How to extend the Zoom meeting beyond the 40-minute limit

Apart from making group calls, Zoom opens up the possibility of playing games with your friends. It may not be very straightforward at first. However, with the right attitude and loads of patience, you can achieve the desired results without much hassle.

Today, listing out some of the popular math games you could play with your friends and tell you how to conduct the session on Zoom.

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Best Math games online for Zoom

You can play these games online on your PC.

Play Math Riddles on Zoom

For those aware, Zoom comes with robust screen sharing capabilities, allowing you to share pretty much anything you could dream of. From browser tabs to individual applications, the list is as populated as you’d like, and we’re sure Zoom will add more options in the future.

Although not ideal, you could simply head over to some websites that offer math riddles, share your screen through Zoom, and ask your friends to answer.

We’re listing some of the popular websites for you to get started.

Step 1: Select a game to play

The road less taken, fun for all parties involved.

  • MathWarehouse: Has a collection of pretty intelligent riddles. Ask all participants to join in with a pen and a piece of paper to solve problems easily. To make things interesting, keep a timer handy, and only reward the user who answers first.
  • BrainZilla: Just like MathWarehouse, BrainZilla, too, has a selection of excellent riddles. The solutions are also easily accessible, and you’re not required to pay to access them.
  • Riddles: This website is a goldmine for people looking for some brain exercises. We’ve only linked the maths page here, but there are many other categories to explore as well.
  • IXL: Curated to cover every aspect of school-level mathematics, this website means business. From class LKG to XII, you’ll have a bunch of quizzes to choose from, all pushing your solving skills to the limit.
  • Mindgames: On the surface, it may look a bit “childish,” but we assure you that the reality couldn’t be farther from it. There is a bundle of fun games to choose from where your friends can also contribute.

Step 2: Use Zoom to Share

As mentioned, Zoom pretty powerful screen sharing options that make life a lot easier. Simply start a Zoom meeting with your desktop client and click on the ‘Share Screen.’ On the next screen, select the browser tab that’s running the math riddles. The screen will be broadcast to all participants.

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Best Android and iPhone games for Zoom

Math Games for Zoom

Go through the list below to explore some of the best math games you could play with your friends.

Step 1: Select a game to play

  • Math: Math is a powerful educational app that covers pretty much every facet of maths through carefully curated quizzes and puzzles. It’s fun, intuitive, and offers different skill levels. The available is both for Android and iOS.
  • Math Games: The name of the app may not be enticing, but the quizzes it has are worth having a look at. The game already comes with a timer, so, you won’t need to worry about timing your friends. The app is available on Android.
  • Math Master – Math games: It’s another brain training application that pushes your problem-solving skills. It’s especially useful for groups that love quick maths and the tension of a timer breathing down their necks. You can get it on Android and iOS.
  • Mental Math Master: If you and your friends are looking for more challenging puzzles and problems, this app might serve you better than others. The app is only available on Android.

Step 2: Use Zoom’s mobile client to share

Zoom also allows you to share your mobile screen, irrespective of whether you’re on Android or iOS. You can’t share individual tabs here, but you still get the chance to share your entire screen. That allows you to share all the applications you’re running, including games.

To share, first, start a Zoom meeting. Then, tap on the Share button and hit ‘Screen.’ After acknowledging the warnings, your screen sharing session will commence. Open any application to start broadcasting.

If you have questions regarding Zoom’s screen sharing features, simply click on this link to learn more. Else, leave a comment below, and we’ll get to it as soon as possible.


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