Best Hill Climbing and similar Bike Trailing Games

Brands like Red Bull have based their entire fortune on the fact that we humans are adventure lovers and thrill-seekers. The motorsport industry has definitely encouraged us to crave that adrenaline rush, with sports such as bike trailing and off-road driving, but not all of us are either brave enough to try it out, or simply out of resources to do so.

Thanks to Android devices that have made everything possible from communicating to handling the most reality-twisting games, there’s a lot you can do. Bringing the fun and thrill of off-roading is also something that you get, thanks to a bunch of awesome games on the Google Play Store.

Best Hill Climbing and similar Games

In fact, games like Hill Climb Racing have created their very own genre of games that involve high-flying cars and motorbikes, while putting you in control to keep going. From giving you the BMX bike handles to jump across obstacles to powering up in a 4×4 for some dirt-pounding action, here are the best Hill Climbing games for Android and some amazing similar trailing games to keep you entertained.

1. MMX Hill Dash 2

MMX Hill Dash 2 - OUT NOW!!!

Developer: Hutch Games | Platform: iOS/Android | Price: Free

MMX Hill Dash 2 is the 3D sidescrolling sequel to the highly-rated MMX Hill Dash 1 and it’s pretty awesome in its own right. The controls are ridiculously simple but do nothing to detract from the massive amounts of fun to be had. Players speed through a track full of all sorts of jumps and loops, racing against another player with the pedal to the metal pretty much the whole time. And crashing. Crashing a lot. So much so that it’s one of the best parts of the game, even though the goal is to try and keep the tires on the floor the whole time. IF any part of your vehicle’s body makes contact with the floor it’s blowing up, and your player character is flying through the air — true physics-ragdoll style — and it is awesome. MMX Hill Dash 2 is great for anyone who wants a higher production value hill racer with some casual PvP and extra-satisfying visuals.

Download MMX Hill Dash 2: iOS | Android

2. Line Driver

*Line Driver* All Levels !!!

Developer: Bad Review Games | Platform: iOS/Android | Price: Free

Line Driver is what you get when you cross a line drawing game with a sidescrolling hill racing game — and it’s a ton of fun. The game is pretty much a free version of the classic, long standing Line Rider game, with some minute gameplay differences. Just like the original, players are expected to draw the level themselves, escorting their innocent and far too willing sledge rider (or, in this case, “driver”) to the checkered flags. After 30 quick levels, players unlock the glorious sandbox mode that lets you experiment and get as wild as you can with the most inhumane 2D roller coasters you can come up with, limited only by your imagination. Line Driver is perfect for fans of Line Rider who don’t want to cough up the coinage to pay for it, and people who want to add a dose of creativity to their hill racer.

Download Line Driver: iOS | Android

3. Rovercraft 2

RoverCraft 2 Trailer

Developer: Mobirate | Platform: Android | Price: Free

Rovercraft 2 is an awesome arcade-style hill racer set on a variety of sci-fi planets that adds a little more customization to the physics-based hill racing genre. In Rovercraft 2, players collect parts as they progress that they can use to customize their Rover, having to balance weight and composition with speed and adaptability. Certain builds may not be the best for certain planets; players have to experiment and find what works best for each track. The game is a whole lot of fun with better physics than most 2D sidescrollers and the added component of extra customization is pretty awesome. Rovercraft 2 is perfect for anyone who enjoys a solid hill racer and the idea of customizing and growing their vehicle.

Download Rovercraft 2: Android

4. Sky Climb 4×4: Hill Stunt

Sky Climb 4x4 : Hill Stunt - Impossible Stunts Tracks - Gameplay Walkthrough ( iOS - Android )

Developer: Global Games Studio | Platform: iOS/Android | Price: Free

Sky Climb is rough around the edges but nonetheless fun hill racing game set, as the name suggests, in the sky. The game starts off pretty simple, with you speeding down a floating grassland straightaway, but slowly adds more interesting elements to contend with in the way of ramps and trees and other obstacles. Players can collect a few, not too many, vehicles with their own stats but the difference in gameplay is far from breathtaking. Sky Climb 4×4 is exactly what it claims to be, nothing more, nothing less. There is no PvP or even any other cars to compete against, just you, a clock, and your personal best. The game is perfect for casual gamers looking to kill a couple of minutes at a time with a simple offline game.

Download Sky Climb 4×4: iOS | Android

5. Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 - Android Gameplay (by Not Doppler)

Developer: Not Doppler | Platform: iOS/Android | Price: Free

Earn to Die 2 is an awesome mashup of a destruction game and hill racer with a ton of content to mess around with and higher production value than most of the other hill racers on the mobile stores. Earn to Die 2 has all the usual staples of your traditional hill racer; it’s a physics-based racer and upgrader with tons of jumps and hills and a tilt mechanic to manage. But it also has zombies. We could stop there. But the game has an actual Story Mode complete with voice acting, something you don’t see very often in a hill racer — alongside Free Ride, Missions, and yes an Exploration mode. There’s tons to do. Even the upgrades are cooler than your traditional game with weaponry and zombie proofing to consider, and the environments are full of destructible obstacles and zombies to plow down. It’s just excellent, and probably the best hill racer out there right now.

Download Earn to Die 2: iOS | Android

6. Hill Climb Racing/ Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 Store Trailer

The very first original hill climb racing game that essentially created the genre, Hill Climb Racing has been at the top of the game for years now, all thanks to its intuitive gameplay. With a modest two-dimensional design and responsive controls to speed up and throttle down the vehicle, even the binary controls make for addictive hours of fun.

Recently the company behind the original Hill Climb Racing game has released a successor, which brings sharper graphics, newer vehicles, and a set of serene backdrops that you can enjoy as you cruise your way to the high score. From competing in weekly events to upgrading your ride for maximum performance, there’s a lot that Hill Climb Racing offers.

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7. Trails Frontier


Brought to you by one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, Ubisoft packs impressive graphics, simplified controls, and the element of social gaming into Trails Frontier for some premium quality gaming. Packed with a whopping 250+ racing tracks and more than 15 different bikes for you to take out for a spin, the game is never repetitive.

You get a chance to prove your skills by racing around the dirt with players from around the world with multiplayer PvP game modes. From hundreds of different challenging missions to the seamless physics-based gameplay, Trails Frontier includes the Ghost Racing feature which puts you in a competitive spirit even when you’re racing alone on a specific track.

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8. Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4 -World of Terror

If you’re on the lookout for a trail-blazing bike game but want more than just the neat and clean 2-dimensional graphics that most games offer, Trial Xtreme 4 is the way to go. Strap your helmet on and get ready to ride your bike across an intricate maze of obstacles designed to bring you nothing more than just pure motoring fun throughout.

The Tournaments Arena give you an opportunity to test your skills against the best riders from across the world and win awesome prizes in return. You can even challenge a rider to a one of a kind duel and double your reward earnings. From tidying up with a bunch of gear and bike upgrades to performing the most high-flying stunts of all time, Trial Xtreme 4 presents you with more than 160 challenges.

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9. Offroad Legends 2 – Hill Climb

OffRoad Legends 2 - Launch Trailer

Imagine the same old gameplay of Hill Climb Racing but do away with the dated graphics and replace it with something spectacular in 3D – that’s what Offroad Legends 2 is all about. Built with a physics-based gameplay with the simple strategy of getting from point A to point B, this hill climb racing game is all about the excitement of living on the edge.

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Take on the roughest terrain that makes up more than 64 different racing tracks for you to choose from, all of which can be ravaged by Monster Trucks, high-powered 4×4 and more. Packing real-world car dynamics from the engine sounds to the part simulations, you have 4 different racing modes to try out with customizable vehicle options, weather details and more.

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10. Bike Race Free

When the simple joy of navigating through rough hills isn’t enough for you, the outlandish obstacles in the Bike Race Free game are sure to rile you up. Built-in scenic backdrops from the Grand Canyons to scenic beaches, you get the pleasure of riding your bike through hundreds of tracks designed to be as crazy as possible.

Bringing a world of customization to the game, you can not only unlock new bikes but also upgrade them part by part for a better run. From the time-killing fun of single-player mode to the heated competition of multiplayer and tournaments, you even have the freedom to create your very own tracks and enjoy a new form of gameplay each time.

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11. Mountain Bike Xtreme

Mountain Bike Xtreme (Android Game) Trailer

The reason the original Hill Climb Racing games went so viral is due to the no-brainer gameplay and simplified graphics that can be smoothly played on any device. Mountain Bike Xtreme is all about simplicity and that is exactly what got us hooked, especially with the modern elements of design and physics-enabled controls that work seamlessly.

You get a bunch of different scenic themes where you bike around with no unnecessary bells and whistles to distract you from the super-simple goal of reaching from A to B. Additionally, the natural sounds of birds chirping or the rain pattering as you trail through the rough terrain to score the highest and gain some bragging rights.

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12. Stick Stunt Biker 2

Stick Stunt Biker 2 (Official Trailer)

A sequel to one of the most popular stick racing games out there, Stick Stunt Biker 2 comes with all of the action-packed of its predecessor. With millions of users who have tried and loved it already, you get to crave your way through beautifully crafted locations that are bumbled with obstacles where you need to not only get over them pull a stunt while you do so.

There are more than 60 different race tracks for you to try out, where you need to qualify for the highest score of 3 stars every time. From a bunch of different types of bikes like Speed Bike, Future Bike, Chopper and many more, slide your way across oil barrels, jump over carnivorous plants, and unlock new achievements with the stunts to pull off.

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13. Fun Kid Racing

Drawn along the lines of the original Hill Climb Racing games that implement the best of cartoonish 2-D design elements, Fun Kid Racing caters to the younger audience. Instead of the 4×4 and Monster Trucks, you get to pull out different types of motorbikes to drive around the bumpy terrain as you progress towards a high score.

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It’s all about one-finger control, whether it is accelerating across the ramps or performing a sick backflip. With 5 different racing environments to choose from, Fun Kid Racing successfully stays interesting with weekly surprises that can be unlocked for a limited period of time.

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14. Stickman Trials

Stickman Trials Official Trailer

While the name of this game may make it seem like a simple-minded racing and hill climbing game with a two-dimensional design, but you’ll be fairly surprised by it. Built with the collection of more than 150 different tracks that go across the Arctic, Volcanoes, Forest and even the freaking Space, the entire game is crafted with a modern design and smooth controls.

You can select from 11 different motorcycles or even bicycles to get around the terrain and upgrade each of them up to 5 levels. Apart from the HD graphics that makes it engaging, you get to play around in multi-player, ghost competition, beat the daily challenges, and even go full-on competitive with the multiplayer mode.

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15. Moto X3M Bike Race

Back in the day when Adobe Flash was still relevant, you could find all sorts of awesome flash games, and Moto X3M Bike Race was among the best ones to play. Thanks to its Android port, you can now enjoy some high-flying stunt action across a perilous terrain that cuts through more than a whopping 100 different stunt levels.

Perform the coolest backflips and stick the landing every time to accumulate points, thus aiding you in unlocking cooler vehicles to try out. Each of the course is timed, so it is up to you to beat the clock and come out on the top at the end of the race every time.

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Which of these hill climb racing games do you find yourself spending hours over, or have we skipped over your favorite one? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section right below this post.