Best Google fonts that are free for commercial usage

Choosing the perfect font for your website or app is no mean feat. By picking the right font, and hence increasing readability, you can make your website more hospitable, which, in turn, could lead to more traffic.

As it is a subjective matter, selecting the “best” font can get a bit complicated. So, we’ll take a bit of help from Google itself and help you pick the right font for your business.

Now, before digging in, there’s an important distinction you need to be aware of.

Difference between Serif vs Sans-Serif

A serif is a small stroke attached to the end of a larger stroke in a letter or symbol within a font family. Font families which use serifs are called Serif font families. The ones which don’t use serifs are called sans-serif font families/typefaces.

Monda, Mountains of Christmas

Top 10 Free Google Fonts

Check out the best free fonts from Google for commercial usage.

Roboto — Sans-Serif

With over 9 trillion views, Roboto is the most popular Google font in the world. Creator, Christian Robertson, originally developed Roboto as the system font for Android OS. It comes in 12 different styles, giving you a bunch of options to choose from.

Download: Roboto

Open Sans — Sans-Serif

While it’s not as popular as Roboto, Open Sans, too, has a loyal fanbase. The font, which was created by Steve Matteson, has 10 different styles and garnered over 6 trillion views, so far.

Download: Open Sans

Lato — Sans-Serif

Developed by Lukasz Dziedzic, Lato has 10 different styles and managed over 1.6 trillion views, yet.

Download: Lato

Oswald — Sans-Serif

Oswald has gained a lot of traction over the last year to climb up to the fourth position. Vernon Adams, Kalapi Gajjar, and Cyreal collaborated to create Oswald, which has amassed over 1 trillion views since.

Download: Oswald

Slabo 27px — Serif

The first Serif font to make the list, Slabo sits pretty in 5th with just over 1 trillion views. It was developed by John Hudson and comes in only one style.

Download: Slabo 27px

Roboto Condensed — Sans-Serif

Another variation of the Roboto font, Roboto Condensed, clinches the sixth spot with over 950 billion views. It comes in six different styles.

Download: Roboto Condensed

Montserrat — Sans-Serif

Created by Julieta Ulanovsky, Sol Matas, Juan Pablo del Peral, and Jacques Le Bailly, Montserrat is one of the most versatile Google fonts you’d find. It has 18 styles and chalked up over 800 billion views.

Download: Montserrat

Source Sans Pro — Sans-Serif

Adobe’s first open-source font, Source Sans Pro, was created by Paul D. Hunt. It has 12 distinct styles and amassed over 800 billion views.

Download: Source Sans Pro

Raleway — Sans-Serif

Like Montserrat, Raleway, too, offers 18 different style options. Multiple designers collaborated to create the font, which now has over 550 billion views.

Download: Raleway

PT Sans — Sans-Serif

ParaType initially developed this font for the Public Types of Russian Federation. It has four different styles and has over 500 billion views.

Download: PT Sans


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