Best ultra thin cases for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Slim and minimal does it, right?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are two beautiful devices that are still one of the best looking and best performing Android smartphones. Much like any other flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are fairly sleek and slim.

However, when we choose to slap on a case, the case completely ruins the slim feel of the device which totally takes away the point of purchasing this beautiful glass sandwich designed smartphone.

Fortunately, this does not mean you have to sacrifice protection by choosing not to rock a case, instead, we’ve scoured the internet to find the absolute best slim cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

These ultra-thin cases offer a good amount of protection against the scratches and all while not adding any bulk to the device. A fair warning here though: Of course, you can’t rely on these cases to absorb the damages caused by heavy falls.


Given below are the best Galaxy S9 and S9+ cases that are very thin.

Best super thin cases for Galaxy S9 and S9+

MNML Thin Case

MNML is a company with the best ultra thin cases for multiple devices. The MNML case for the Galaxy S9 is one of the thinnest cases you could get your hands on currently.

There’s also no unnecessary branding on the case, so it’s perfectly minimal, and the case is fingerprint resistant as well so you won’t notice too many smudges on the case. If you’re a minimalist, then the MNML case for the Galaxy S9 is absolutely worth it. Available in a wide variety of colors, there is plenty to choose from.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($14.99) | S9+ ($14.99)

Buy on MNML: S9 ($14.99) | S9+ ($14.99)

Totallee Thin Case

Totallee produces some absolutely amazing ultra-thin cases for several smartphones. The cases from Totallee are on par with those from MNML and are even priced a couple of dollars lower than what MNML cases are priced on Amazon.

The case fits the device snuggly and you won’t have the device slipping out of the case unless you want it to. The Totallee Thin case for the S9 and S9+ is also super minimal and does not have an ounce of branding and also does not obstruct wireless charging.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($9.99) | S9+ ($9.99)

Buy on Totallee: S9 ($29) | S9+ ($29)

Spigen Thin Fit Case

Spigen is no newbie to fantastic cases and the Spigen Thin Fit case for the Galaxy S9 is absolutely great. The case has an SF Coated Non-Slip Matte Surface which makes gripping the device super easy.

The case does not interfere with the wireless charging feature so you wouldn’t have to worry about removing the case to charge the device wirelessly.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($10.99) | S9+ ($9.99)

Buy on Spigen: S9 ($14.99 ) | S9+ (19.99)

X-Level Slim Fit case

The X-Levek Slim Fit case for the Galaxy S9 is a case targeted towards women by the company; however, the case isn’t necessarily for women. If you want a cool ultra slim case, then the X-Level would definitely not disappoint.

The case is available in multiple colors which are; Blue, Black, and Gold.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($10.99) | S9+ ($10.99)

TORRAS Slim Fit Galaxy S9 Case

The TORRAS Slim Fit case for the Galaxy S9 has pretty great ratings on Amazon and is one of the best ultra thin cases for the Galaxy S9. The case does offer some impact resistance which could help absorb some of the shocks in case the device accidentally falls.

There’s not much branding as well on the case and it’s fairly basic and does not add any bulk to the device.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($12.98) | S9+ ($12.99)

LK Case for Galaxy S9

If you’re looking for a great clear and ultra-thin case, then look no further than the LK ultra-thin clear case for the Galaxy S9. The case is crystal clear and does offer some drop protection as well and is fairly flexible.

The case has precise cutouts for the ports and does not block the speakers or microphone. More importantly, the case offers an anti-slip design which provides extra grip on surfaces to help prevent the device from sliding around.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($10.99) | S9+ ($8.99)

Galaxy S9 Ultra-thin PP Protective Back Case

If you’re looking for a super affordable ultra-thin case, then this Galaxy S9 case made in Israel is exactly what you need. The case is fairly thin although it isn’t as sleek as the ones from Totallee and MNML.

Nonetheless, the case also offers some basic scratch protection and fits the Galaxy S9 flawlessly.

Buy on NewEgg: S9 ($5.99) | S9+($5.99)

TOZO for Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

This cool TOZO ultra-thin case for the Galaxy S9 is perfect for those who want slightly better drop protection without adding any bulk to the device. The TOZO ultra-thin case has a soft bumper and a hard clear back to protect the device against falls.

The soft edges help enhance the grip while the clear back lets you show off the original color of the device. There are also multiple color variants available for the case on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($9.99) | S9+ (9.99)

ESR Essential Zero Case for Galaxy S9

If you’re looking for the thinnest clear case for the Galaxy S9, then this case from ESR is worth checking out. The case is ultra-thin and is crystal clear. The case is super lightweight as well and ESR claims the case does not turn yellow like most other clear cases after a while.

The Essential Zero case for the Galaxy S9 fits the device perfectly and also offers some decent scratch protection.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($10.99) | S9+ ($10.99)

Buy on ESR: S9 ($10.99) | S9+ ($10.99)

NAISU Galaxy S9 Back Cover

If you aren’t a big fan of minimal cases, then this cool stylish case from NAISU won’t disappoint. The ultra-thin cases come in various color options and have slick gold accents towards the top and bottom.

The case is a hard-shell case and offers some decent scratch protection and might even be able to save your device from a fall; however, don’t take our word on that.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($13.99) | S9+ unavailable


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