Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S9: Leather, wallet, clear, slim, and more

The best galaxy s9 cases

The Samsung Galaxy S9 still remains a beast of a device long after its launch in the world market. Samsung’s flagship device for 2018 sports a notch-less 5.8″ screen in a predominantly glass body, making it look so much better than contemporary notched devices.

There’s still some time to go for the launch of Galaxy S10, so if you’re searching for a protective case for the Galaxy S9, look no further, we’ve got it covered for you!

There are many kinds of cases like clear, slim, rugged, armor, leather etc. but which are the best Galaxy S9 cases available in the market? Well to answer that question, we’ve curated a list of the absolute best cases in each category.

Without much further ado, let’s check out the best cases for the Galaxy S9 in their respected categories.

Best Wallet/Card Holder cases

Spigen Wallet Case with Card Slots and Stand

best leather cases for galaxy s9 10

Spigen is renowned worldwide for its impeccable mobile phone cases and this one is no different. Made of synthetic leather with an embedded soft TPU casing on the inside, this case provides 360-degree protection to your Galaxy S9 phone from shocks and scratches.

Secured by a magnetic clasp, this case can also transform into a stand whenever you require handsfree entertainment services!

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($13.99) | S9+($12.99)

Buy on Spigen: S9 unavailable | S9+ ($ 34.99)

Arae PU Leather Wallet Case with Card Slots and Stand

best leather cases for galaxy s9 1

This case by Arae is made out of PU leather on the outside for strong external protection and soft TPU inner skin cover for efficient shock-absorption and scratch resistance. This case features multiple card slots along with a sleeve to store your ID, credit cards, business cards, cash and more.

The case is designed as such that it transforms into a stand for landscape viewing on your Galaxy S9 phone whenever required.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($9.99) | S9+ ($12.99)

Best Fabric cases for Galaxy S9

Samsung Alcantara Cover

This is Samsung’s very own case for the Galaxy S9 and as expected, the case is absolutely fantastic. There are 4 colors to pick from; Red, Blue, Black, and Mint all of which look great. The case has a soft suede-like texture which makes it feel luxurious unlike most other plastic or leather cases available online.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($19.99) | S9+ ($14.99)

Buy on Samsung: S9 ($49.99) | S9+ ($49.99)

Mofi Fabric Business Men Covers

If you aren’t a fan of TPU plastic cases or leather cases, then the Mofi Fabric case for the Galaxy S9 is definitely worth checking out. The case has super soft silicone edges and an anti-scratch and shock-absorbing fabric towards the back. The case is available in multiple colors and is one of the best looking cases for the Galaxy S9.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($15.99) | S9+ ($15.99)

Buy on Mofi: S9 ($15.80) | S9+ ($15.80)

Best Slim cases (ultra thin)

MNML Thin Case

If you aren’t willing to cover up your sleek device with a bulky case, then the MNML Thin case for the Galaxy S9 is the absolute best option for you. The case is super thin yet offers decent drop protection as well. MNML cases are also minimal and do not have any unnecessary branding whatsoever.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($14.99) | S9+ ($14.99)

Buy on MNML: S9 ($14.99) | S9+ ($14.99)

Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen is one of the best case manufacturers in the world and the Thin Fit Galaxy S9 case is one of the best cases for your Galaxy S9 especially if you don’t like bulky cases. The case also offers some drop protection and SF Coated Non-Slip Matte Surface which is great since the Galaxy S9 is a pretty slippery device.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($10.99) | S9+ ($9.99)

Buy on Spigen: S9 ($14.99 ) | S9+ (19.99)

Best Rugged cases for Galaxy S9

Samsung Rugged Military Grade Case

Here’s another fantastic case from Samsung itself. This is probably one of the best looking rugged cases currently available for the Galaxy S9. The case has been tested using MIL-STD 810G-516.7 compliant which basically means the case would protect your device way better than most other cases in the market.

The case also has a built-in kickstand as well and absorbs any impact in case the device falls.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($12.99) | S9+ ($13.99)

Buy on Samsung: S9 ($39.99) | S9+ ($39.99)

SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster Case

If you’re looking for the absolute best protection for your Galaxy S9 and don’t mind adding a bit bulk to the device, then the SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster case for the Galaxy S9 is the only case you would ever need to keep your device protected.

Not only does the case protect the back end of the device, but it also includes a built-in screen protector to make sure the screen does not get scratched.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($19.99) | S9+ ($19.99)

Buy on SUPCASE: S9 ($28.00) | S9+ ($28.00)

Best Clear cases for Galaxy S9

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Most clear cases don’t offer much drop protection and are usually of fairly low quality; however, this clear case from Spigen doesn’t sacrifice anything. The case comes with Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology which helps absorb the impact during a fall.

The button cutouts and the fit is precise so your Galaxy S9 won’t be slipping out of the case by accident.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($11.99) | S9+ ($13.99)

Buy on Spigen: S9 ($24.99) | S9+ ($29.99)

MoKo Crystal Clear case

The MoKO Crystal Clear case is a fairly affordable yet great clear case for the Galaxy S9. The case offers good damage protection and is on power with Spigen Clear case we’ve mentioned above. The case also has precise cutouts for ports and buttons.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($8.59) | S9+ ($8.99)

Best Leather cases for Galaxy S9

Icarer Leather Cover

If you aren’t a big fan of TPU plastic cases, then this genuine leather case for the Galaxy S9 is easily one of the best leather cases for the device. The ‘Flip Folio Opening Cover‘ also has curved edges which hug the edges of the Galaxy S9 and the cover fits perfectly on the device.

More importantly, the cover does not add much bulk to the device and is fairly minimal.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($26.90) | S9+ ($26.90)

LOHASIC Premium PU Leather case

Here’s another great leather case for the Galaxy S9 and is one of the only few leather cases that isn’t a flip cover. The case also offers some amount of drop protection and protects the device against any scratches.

This leather case from LOHASIC is fairly well designed and offers a premium feel.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($14.99) | S9+unavailable

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