Best Android Apps to Get Color Pop Effect on Your Photos Manually

More often than not, colors make your pictures look good but if you wish to pop out the subject from the background, then you might want to opt to apply a black and white filter in the background while preserving the original colors of the subject. Google offers a neat feature inside its Photos app called Color Pop which can create photos with Color Pop effect but the feature only applies to a handful of pictures.

We’ve thus compiled a list of apps that you can use instead of Google Photos to apply the color pop effect on your pictures.


Besides its Photos app, Google also offers its own Snapseed app on Android. The powerful photo editor offers image enhancements with filters, text effects, sliders, one-touch tools, and more. Among the various tools, it provides is the ability to create the Color Pop effect but you have to keep in mind that the effect needs applying manually.

Snapseed doesn’t include a dedicated tool for adding the color pop effect but it’s done by applying a black and white filter and selectively removing the same from your subject through the Edit stack tool.

Download: Snapseed

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Pixlr has been in the photo editing game for some time now and as its web tool, the Android app also offers a slew of functionalities. Besides having basic filters, creative effects, and stylize options, the app can be used to apply the color pop effect to your photos.

To apply the color pop effect, you have to open a picture to edit on Pixlr, tap on the Tools icon at the bottom left, select the Splash tile from the list, tap on the region-specific color that you want to be prominent, and adjust the effect by sliding the Tolerance and Tint bars.

Download: Pixlr


ToolWiz is another great feature-packed app. The app offers several basic editing modes but in order to apply the color pop effect, you will need to choose the Pro editing mode option from the home screen. Upon selecting a picture inside this mode, you have to tap on the Effects tab at the bottom and select Color Splash. The app allows you to apply color pop in three different ways – location, color, and mask.

If you choose Location, you can pop out the colors of the subject by moving the location pin to the desired region. Choosing Color will highlight the color that you picked. Mask allows you to brush through your subject manually to apply color pop which is similar to applying the effect on Snapseed.

Download: Toolwiz

Partial Color Master

Made specifically for color splash, this app offers you to choose the colors that you want to pop up on your pictures. To apply the color pop effect, open the app, tap on Partial Color, tap on an area that you want to color and when you do, a selection of colors in that area will pop up. Tap on which colors you want to show in the given picture.

For instance, to highlight yellow in the pictures, we selected the different shades of yellow, and adjusted the respective intensities to get color pop effect. To customize the picture to only highlight yellow in a particular spot, we selected the B&W tab in the next screen and shaded over the regions that don’t need to be colored.

Download: Partial Color Master

Paletta – Smart color splash

Paletta lets you choose which one (or more) of the dominant colors in the picture you would want to pop up in your picture. When you load an image onto the app, Paletta will show you a selection of colors that are majorly present on it. You can choose any color or multiple colors to add the color pop effect to the picture and add finishing touches using the brush and eraser tools on the left.

Download: Paletta

Color Splash Effect Photo Edit

This app allows you to splash colors by brushing over the picture. After loading an image onto the app, you can choose to apply color pop effect by tapping Splash to use the brush or Shape splash to apply splash by detecting shapes. In the next screen, you can brush over the subject you want to add the effect to and use the eraser tool if you color any unwanted regions. You can also change the brush size to brush between dense regions.

Download: Color Splash Effect Photo Edit

Do you often add color pop to your photos? If yes, which app do you use to add the effect? Let us know in the comments below.

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