5 best Bluetooth speakers with lights for camping

Portable speakers are a great investment, especially if you travel and love to go camping. After all, no outdoor event is complete without some great music. Also, speakers with additional cool features are a major plus and the market has some great options to offer. Without further ado, here’s a look at speakers that can also be used as a flashlight.

Donerton Bluetooth Speakers ($29.99)

This one is exceptionally great value for money. The speaker has a built-in 40mm dual driver that delivers great sound and some lovely bass.

The 5200mAh battery will give you decent playtime as well, though we’re highly skeptical it will give you 30 hours of playtime as it claims. The speaker also has an IPX67 rating which means it’s fairly waterproof. The major selling point of this speaker is an in-built powerful flashlight with three modes depending on the situation. This one is top on our list for camping.

Buy on Amazon: $29.99

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Abuzhen Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers with LED Flashlight ($16.99)

One of the more functional speakers on this list, you won’t find a better option under $20 dollars if you’re looking for a speaker with a flashlight as well. It comes with a 6W output and a 2000mAh battery so you get great performance and decent battery life.

The speaker also has 4 multi-functional buttons on the bottom which you can use to operate the flashlight along with an IPX4 waterproof rating. Consider this one as a great budget option.

Buy on Amazon: $16.99

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Kensent Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($32.99)

This Kensent speaker is super a heavy-hitter with a 40MM large driver that produces incredibly good sound. It comes with a 6W output and IPX5 Waterproof rating making it absolutely ideal for camping.

The speaker also has a powerful emergency flashlight with 3 SOS light modes in case you run into trouble. Also, the 1800mAh battery ensures that you get 5-6 hours of decent playtime and usage before the speaker starts running out of fuel.

Buy on Amazon: $32.99

Zealot S1 Bike Cycling Portable Speakers ($28.59)

This speaker by Zealot is extremely rugged and portable. It’s also equipped with a 40mm driver and a neodymium stereo amplifier to ensure you’re getting decent sound quality.

It is a great option if you’re an adventurer who also loves to ride your cycle since it fits easily on the handlebar. The 4000mAh battery ensures that you’re getting great battery life and the torch/flashlight will ensure that your road is lit in the dark.

Buy on Amazon: $27.59

Renogy Solar Bluetooth Speaker ($34.99)

The Renogy speaker comes with high efficient solar panels that actively transfer solar energy to electricity for non-stop music. You can also charge the speaker separately using a USB port when you’re away from the sun.

The speaker delivers some brilliant quality and pounding bass thanks to two high-performance drivers at any volume. Also, the 5000mAh battery ensures that you can enjoy 10 hours of playtime before the speaker starts running out of juice. Also, the LED light comes in flashlight mode and SOS mode to ensure reliable illumination during camping nights.

Buy on Amazon: $34.99

Which speaker will be your companion for the next camping night? Do let us know in the comments!


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