Best Android Apps for the week of 27th July, 2014

Hello Androfans! It’s time for your weekly dose of the new and best Android apps. You’ll be finding great new apps to try, plus cool apps from the past that haven’t been much popular but are definitely worth checking out. Hope you enjoy this!

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hexa time

HexaTime is a live wallpaper for your Android device which displays the time in 6 digits including seconds like a hexa code and sets your wallpaper to the corresponding hexadecimal color. You see beautiful color hues every other second on your homescreen. It’s neat stuff, must install and try.

HexaTime is a live wallpaper which displays the current time and simultaneously sets your wallpaper to the corresponding hexadecimal color. In other words, the clock is shown as a hex triplet code, while your background color is gradually adjusted as time passes. This keeps your homescreen feeling fresh with an assortment of unique hues being displayed throughout the 24 hours of the day.

HexaTime LWP offers many customization options and is available for free download from Play Store. There are in-app purchases too.

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Squawk: Reminders on Unlock

squawk reminders on unlock

There are loads of reminder or to-do apps on the Play Store but none of them offers as much functions as Squawk does. The app can even display a toast notification every time you unlock your device for a task/reminder. Must try.

Squawk increases your productivity with alerts that appear when you unlock your phone. This allows you to easily stay on track for day-to-day tasks, something that traditional to-do list apps fail to deal with.

Your device may require at least a slide lock for this application to work. If you use a non-standard launcher I cannot guarantee the app will work properly.

Designed with simplicity in mind to make creation and management of Squawks exceptionally smooth.

Squawks are persistent, guaranteed to catch your attention (unlike notifications), and are more natural to your daily life (not scheduled to show up at exact times).

Create tasks, which use an alert dialog, or reminders, which use less intrusive on-screen messages. The free version allows up to 15 Squawks.

Set a Squawk to be active only during a certain date & time range for things that require more precise notification.

Set a Squawk to be active only when connected to any or a specific WiFi access point (eg. your home, work, school, or coffee shop).

Create sub-tasks for a task to micromanage smaller tasks required for completion (eg. today’s errands, work tasks, project tasks).

Snooze tasks easily to re-appear in a certain # of unlocks or # of minutes passed since last unlock.

It is completely free and contains no in-app purchases. Get it from Play Store.

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Unclouded is an app that lets you clean your cloud folder along with a very neat file manager. It currently supports Google Drive and Dropbox only. The app is in beta testing at this time, so you’ll have to join its Google+ community to download/install it. If you don’t want to join the community and use it right away, follow the link to the APK file given below.

Unclouded Google+ community   |   Download Unclouded APK

Unclouded is an Android app to help you analyse and clean your cloud storage. Currently supports Drive and Dropbox.

1. Now you can see how much space each Google service is using in your Google Drive account
2. Fixed some upload and move issues for Dropbox



Passcodes can be old fashioned for the Galaxy S5 users to lock their phones, the fingerprint scanner on the device does an efficient job for that. The app takes full advantage of the fingerprint scanner available on your device to protect apps of your choice with just a swipe of a finger. Even better, it doesn’t require root or any other special permissions.

→ Read our coverage on FingerSecurity

FingerSecurity is a security app for android devices with fingerprintscanner.

With FingerSecurity you can easily protect apps of your choice.

– Widget for quick enable / disable service
– Timeout to allow short absence
– Location based security so that you don’t have to unlock your apps when you are at home.
– Advanced Security to prevent uninstall
– Auto protect new apps
– Hide UI for fingerscanner
– Alternative password
– Custom per app settings
– Protect Notifications(after ticker text)

Get FingerSecurity for free from Play Store. It contains in-app purchases.

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Are you one of those people who can’t remember your passwords? Well, here is an app that will come handy; Loginbox will log you in to any website with a single tap. It’s the safest and fastest way to sign into password-protected websites. LoginBox combines both a password manager and a built-in browser. It allows you to save the username and password to several websites and when you go to these websites, the app will log you in automatically.

→ Read our coverage on LoginBox

LoginBox will automatically log you in securely to any website with a single tap. It is the safest and fastest way to sign in to password-protected websites. Never forget a password again!

LoginBox combines a password manager and a secured browser with a unique autofill form capabilities. With its perfect security it is one of the most useful utilities for your device. From the moment you download it, you will never need to remember your passwords or frequently used website addresses ever again.

You can use LoginBox to automatically log in to:
■ Your bank account, PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay, Amazon
■ Gmail and other Google services, Outlook Web Access
■ Frequent flyer account, rewards card account
■ Forums or support websites
■ and practically any other password protected websites that you use

It is available for free on Play Store and lets you to store password for up to 3 websites for free, for more than 3 you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $1.16 or $6 a year which also includes unlimited backup, sync and ad-free service.

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Rotation Manager – Control ++

rotation manager control

Tired of toggling auto rotate for specific apps? Try this, Rotation Manager Control. It lets you configure the auto-rotation mode for each app, you can choose any app to run in forced rotate mode and override any app preferences, i.e, you can run apps in landscape/portrait mode even if the app doesn’t support it. It even lets you choose brightness, screen timeout and media volume for each app.

Rotation manager is a tool that lets you choose which application you want to rotate or which one you don’t want to rotate. It is a really simple app designed for the least possible power and RAM consumption.

– Force the orientation of each app to your liking.
– Rotate your device freely, without worrying if your apps will change orientation.
– Orientation lock
– Forced Auto option
– Forced inverse portrait/landscape
– App-specific orientation
– Option for permanent notification, called Chuck Norris mode
– Extra options for each app (Brigthness, Screen Timeout, Media Volume)

The app has both free and premium versions available on the Play store, with the premium version having slightly more features.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.spydiko.rotationmanager’ name=’Rotation Manager – Control’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’] [pb-app-box pname=’com.spydiko.rotationmanagerpremium’ name=’Rotation Manager – Control ++’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Whistle Me Free

whistle me

If your phone likes to play hide and seek with you, this app is just for you. Whistle Me makes your phone play a tune or talk back to you, when you whistle. You can set the response a predefined tone, or even make it read out a text that you mention (like “I’m here”). It also allows you to set how many times a whistle you have to make for the phone to receive. Better yet, the app will be active only when the screen is off.

If you lose constantly your phone, this app is for you. whistle continuously and strong to trigger the detection.

You can adjust the precision level, ringer, etc. Detection begins when the phone screen is off.

Whistle Me is available for free from Play Store and comes with in-app purchases.

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Microsoft account

microsoft accounts

Two-step authentication is one of the best things you can do to make sure your account will stay secure. Google has got the Google authenticator app available for a long time, and now Microsoft has published its own two-step verification app in Play Store for Microsoft accounts. This one works slightly differently from the Google authenticator. It just shows a notification on your phone when your Microsoft account needs to be verified.

Sometimes, Microsoft needs to verify your identity to help make sure that you (and only you) have access to your account. The Microsoft account app makes this easy, and you no longer need to enter security codes from text messages or authenticator apps! Instead, you’ll get a notification when you need to verify your identity. Just tap to approve, and job done.

The Microsoft account app also works even if:

• You’ve turned on two-step verification for your account. You can still verify your identity with a single tap.
• Your device is offline. The app also generates security codes that you can use to verify your identity instead.

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Love Fonts for FlipFont

love fonts for flipfont

This is a collection of love fonts only for Samsung phones. The app contains many cute and beautiful fonts.

Feel the love!
This is a fantastic package of fonts for your Samsung Galaxy device. Enjoy new look n feel with the wide range of love fonts within the package.

It is available for free from Play store.

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  1. Not a fan of the font FingerSecurity used

    1. it’s not the app’s font, it’s one of Samsung stock fonts. it’s called Rosemary IIRC.

      1. I guess he was talking about the other one, the Love fonts

  2. Not a fan of the font FingerSecurity used

    1. it’s not the app’s font, it’s one of Samsung stock fonts. it’s called Rosemary IIRC.

      1. I guess he was talking about the other one, the Love fonts

  3. Very nicely explained. I have heard so many new apps and their features. I have a tiny mobile so I don’t use much apps other than Photo4tune and Angry Bird. For Mobile security I feel Avg is better than any other. Is Finger security is good for Mobile security?

  4. Very nicely explained. I have heard so many new apps and their features. I have a tiny mobile so I don’t use much apps other than Photo4tune and Angry Bird. For Mobile security I feel Avg is better than any other. Is Finger security is good for Mobile security?

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