Lock apps with Fingerprint scanner on your Galaxy S5 using FingerSecurity app

Passcodes can be old fashioned for the Galaxy S5 users to lock their phones, the fingerprint scanner on the device does an efficient job for that. However, there hasn’t been any feature from Samsung or any third-party developer that takes advantage of the fingerprint scanner on a device, to put only selected apps installed on the phone behind a lock. And that’s where FingerSecurity app comes in, the app takes full advantage of the fingerprint scanner available on your device to protect apps of your choice with just a swipe of a finger. Even better, it doesn’t require root or any other special permissions.

FingerSecurity app integrates itself with the built-in fingerprint scanner data, so you will have to register your fingerprints first. If you haven’t registered already, just go the fingerprint manger in the settings and follow the instructions. When you open the app it asks you to swipe your finger to unlock, which is necessary so that others don’t get access to the app settings.  Once you’re in the app, you can see the list of apps that are installed on the device. All you need to do is toggle the switch for whichever apps you want to put lock on, its as simple as that.

In the app settings there are some nifty features that you can activate like lock screen timeout and hide lock interface. Turn Hide interface on, if you would rather not have a visual indicator shown, that prompts users to scan their fingerprint when opening an app, and timeout period after which the app will refuse to offer fingerprint unlock.

The app is still in its nascent stage, under development. But the dev is constantly pushing updates to squash the bugs and make the app better. FingerSecurity is available on the PlayStore for free.

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