Best Android apps to track and limit app usage and help to focus more

Google’s digital wellbeing and focus mode are quite a handful to get you to focus on the task at hand and stop you from overusing your smartphone. If you’re not satisfied with what Google has to offer, there are a bunch of apps on Google Play that can take your app-usage tracking to a whole new level.

We have thus compiled a list of the best Android apps that can track and limit app usage and help you focus more

Your Hour

This app deserved to be on the top of our list. The app features usage tracking, a limited number of unlocks, app restrictions, daily challenges, addiction level, and whatnot. You name it they have it. A well-organized design provides an elegant look to the detailed information provided on this app.

The daily challenges tab makes it more exciting to use and allows the user to compete with friends. It also provides users with the authority to add up goals and follow them up. You got a phone addiction; they’ve got a smart solution.

  • Easy interface makes ease of understanding
  • Does not require a lot of permissions
  • Easy sharing of progress report
  • Daily Challenges
  • Regular Updates
  • Beta version available (for Beta Testers)
  • No junk notifications

Download: Your Hour

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Forest: Stay Focused

How awesome will it be if we could plant more trees by not using our phone? Sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it. Well, this app tries its best to create such a virtual environment to make things look as real as possible. This app comes with a unique and innovative idea of making digital wellbeing interesting. The only difference it holds when compared to the real world is here the more trees you plant, the better your smartphone addiction gets.

  • Unique concept and innovative design
  • Awards for the best app for increasing focus
  • No unwanted notifications
  • Keeps a progress record

Download: Forest: Stay Focused

App Usage – Manage/Track Usage

This app provides you with app usage history, notification history, activity history, most useful apps, overuse reminder, restrictions, and an orange gradient background. It offers all built-in requirements and graphs to make things easier for the user to understand. The Pro version unlocks more features like dark mode and enhanced monitor as well.

  • All in one design
  • Low-end Android support
  • Regular updates
  • Notes for each app

Download: App Usage- Manage/Track Usage

Action Dash

Pixel phones have always been a fascination for most Android users. But due to the high tag price, not many can afford it. Action Dash tries its best to replicate the function of digital wellbeing from the stock android. It gives you the stock android experience of the digital wellbeing and almost provides the user with the same features.

  • Particular app information on a dashboard
  • Daily comparisons
  • Ease of understanding

Download: Action Dash

Screen Time

If you’re wondering what takes up most of your time, the answer most probably is social media. Screen time provides users with categorical information like time spent on social media altogether or time spent on games all together. This gives the user an ease of understanding and some scope of improvement as well.

  • Categorical Information
  • Notification Shade detailed information
  • Clean design
  • No app purchases

Download: Screen Time

Stay Focused

Not being at the bottom of the list doesn’t always mean this app isn’t worth trying out. Stay Focused is an app that keeps things simple and does most of the things right. It comes with two modes, strict and restricted mode. They function in a similar way their names suggest.

  • Two simple modes
  • App launch count on the home screen
  • Regular Updates

Download: Stay Focused


Sometimes simplicity is all we need. StayFree provides users with a minimalist design, and only shows data that is import. It’s extremely user-friendly, has accurate statistics report and supports various languages, making it a perfect fit everyone. This also comes with an export mode which allows user to export the data in an excel file.

  • Simplicity and Minimalist
  • Sleek design with graphs
  • Export Mode

Download: StayFree

Honorable Mentions

5217 – time management for increased productivity

Download: 5217

Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

Download: Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker


Download: SleepTown

Do you want to track and limit app usage on your Android device? If so, did you like the aforementioned apps that we suggested to get the job done? Let us know in the comments below.