FYI: You can’t Backup Allo Chats in the current release

Google’s smart messaging app Allo has only been released and there are already 1 million installs of the app on Play Store, all thanks to the app’s unique features such as Google Assistant.

However, the current version of Allo is a release candidate version. And hence there are a lot things that it needs to improve upon on the app.

Allo currently has no native support for chat backups. But we’re pretty sure the app will gain backup support along with many other improvements as it matures out of the release candidate version.

And I’m hopeful that someday I could tell Google Assistant to take a backup on Allo in the future and it’ll take a backup and upload it to my Google drive. That simple.

That said, if you’re already using Allo heavily and want to take a backup because you’re resetting your phone or switching to another phone, then the only way to take a backup currently is via Titanium Backup and other similar apps.

Titanium backup let’s you take a backup of any Android app with data. However, you must have root access on the device to use TiBu. So get your Android device rooted if you want to take Allo backup.

We’ll be sure to update this post once Allo gains native support for backups. Stay tuned..

Happy Androiding!

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Shivam Malani

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