ZenFone Max Pro (M1) Pie update news and more: Android 9 stable begins rolling out

ZenFone Max Pro (M1)

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April 15, 2019: Asus has a huge update for the ZenFone Max Pro M1 that brings Android 9 Pie stable to model ZB601KL. The update arrives as version 16.2017.1903.050 and further installs a new security patch.

The OTA weighs north of 1.5GB, so be sure to connect to a stable Wi-Fi internet to make the switch to Pie. It will take time before all units receive the download notification. Also, the update should arrive on model ZB602KL pretty soon.

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For the latest software update news regarding the popular Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1, this page has everything you’d want to know. Be it news about the latest security updates or details on if and when to expect the next version of Android OS, you are in the right place.

There are other variants of the Max M1 family whose software update details we’ve captured via the links below.

ZenFone Max Pro M1 update timeline

Date Software version Android OS  Changelog
10 Apr 2019 16.2017.1903.050 Android 9 Installs Android 9 Pie stable update to model ZB601KL alongside a new security patch
04 Mar 2019 15.2016.1902.340 Android 8.1 February 2019 security patch, improves camera app translation issue, and other bug fixes
24 Jan 2019 15.2016.1901.339 Android 8.1 January 2019 security patch, fixes Garmin watch pairing issue, and system stability optimizations
19 Dec 2018 15.2016.1811.338 Android 8.1 November 2018 security patch, improves Wi-Fi hotspot compatibility, improves 3rd party app compatibility (Instagram), optimize power consumption, improves camera performance on video recording, optimizes the audio experience via headphones, and enables TW CHT VoLTE+VoWIFI
15 Nov 2018 15.2016.1810.337 Android 8.1 Adds EIS to the camera app, support for Live Wallpaper, and more
02 Nov 2018 15.2016.1810.334 Android 8.1 October 2018 security update, fixes power consumption issue and optimizes the waking system by double tapping/swiping up on screen
16 Oct 2018 15.2016.1809.331 Android 8.1 September 2018 security patch, Enable TW TWN VoLTE/FET VoLTE+VoWIFI, Fix compatibility issue with Line App, and Optimize system stability
18 Sep 2018 15.2016.1808.327 Android 8.1 Improved system stability
04 Sep 2018 15.2016.1808.326 Android 8.1 Improved selfie camera performance and optimized fingerprint performance, and more
20 Aug 2018 15.2016.1808.323 Android 8.1 August 2018 security patch, improved NFC function and fixed Myanmar Zawgyi Language issue
3 July 2018 15.2016.1805.311 Android 8.1 Improved Camera performance, Updated APN and Fixed the translation issue.
14 Jun 2018 15.2016.1805.309 Android 8.1 Enables IN Airtel/Idea/Vodafone & ID smarfren & TH DTAC/AIS/True 3rd & RU Megafon/MTS VoLTE & RU MTS VoWifi, Optimizes fingerprint unlock speed, and Improves Camera performance.
25 May 2018 14.2016.1804.305 Android 8.1 Improve Camera performance,  Privacy Setting update, and Add GPS location icon into Quick Setting
5 May 2018 14.2016.1804.252 Android 8.1 Enable Face Recognition functionality, Optimize gyroscope functionality, and Improvement in the response speed of fingerprint sensor
23 Apr 2018 14.2016.1802.247 Android 8.1 Improve Camera UI and performance, Fix no Emergency call log issue, and Improve audio performance.


ZenFone Max Pro (M1)

ZenFone Max Pro M1 Android 9 Pie update

  • Android 9 Pie update released on April 10, 2019

Having launched with a clean version of Android 8.1 Oreo, Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 has been on the forefront when it comes to software updates. Beginning April 10, owners of the device can download and install the stable Android Pie update and thereafter begin worrying about if and when Android Q will arrive.

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If you have any question regarding software updates for the ZenFone Max M1, ZenFone Max Plus M1 or ZenFone Max Pro M1, feel free to shoot it in your comments below.

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  1. Sometimes system ui does not work, or even speaker turns off why i am facing these all trouble while am having a new phone asus zenfone max pro m1 4gb varient


    after getting this pie update we having many issue related to camera quality any many things worst update of Asus never seen before

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