Asus ZenFone AR update: No signs of Oreo, May 2018 patch is now rolling out

The Zenfone AR from Asus is one of the highest spec’d smartphones from the OEM. And the specs are for good reason too, as the smartphone features Google’s Augmented Reality-based Tango tech, hence the AR moniker.

Now, the Zenfone AR was announced back in January 2017 and even though it’s yet to hit the market, Asus has already announced an update for the device. The update is seeding as software version 14.1600.1705.16 and includes a ton of changes and fixes.

Well, this is just the first of the many software updates we expect to see arriving on the ZenFone AR and on this page, we have all the details you need to know about the device’s software updates.

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Asus ZenFone AR Oreo update

Expected release date: Q3 2018

Although we know the ZenFone AR will get Android Oreo at some point, the official date is unknown. However, given Asus has already updated the ZenFone 4 and ZenFone 3 series to Oreo, it shouldn’t be long before the AR gets a similar update too.

Asus ZenFone AR update timeline (unlocked)

Date Software version Changelog
9 July 2018 14.1600.1805.51 | Android 7.0 May 2018 security patch
29 Aug 2017 14.1600.1708.30 | Android 7.0 Improve camera performance and Enable VoLTE function in India.
17 July 2017 14.1600.1706.21 | Android 7.0 Support camera RAW
29 June 2017 14.1600.1706.19 | Android 7.0 Improved NFC and June 2017 security patch.
13 June 2017 14.1600.1705.16 | Android 7.0 May 2017 security patch, Improved performance of Camera app, Preload BeautyLive APP, Added Android Pay app, and more. Full changelog.

Asus ZenFone AR update timeline (Verizon)

Date Software version Changelog
16 Apr 2018 v3.8.1 | Android 7.0 March 2018 security patch
23 Oct 2017 v3.7.8 | Android 7.0 September 2018 security patch and Blueborne fix


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