Asus Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 receive new Android 5.0 Lollipop update, v3.23.40.60

The previous Android Lollipop updates for Zenfone phones have proved to take back from users and than providing more to them — as such, you could not blame users for swarming up the forums with complaints regarding bugs, lag, and downgrade requests. After all, somehow, Asus screwed up its software, which was its forte. But fast forward to today, and the company looks keen to correct the software side of its last year’s flagship at all means, and has released new Lollipop update for its Zenfone 5 and 6 sets, version v3.23.40.60, which should iron out the bugs on previous 5.0 update, and bring in pre-5.0 user experience.

The v3.23.40.60 update is already rolling out to Zenfone 5 and 6 users, but in case you can’t download or update via OTA, the full firmware is also for download for manual installation.

You need to be on particular software version for the latest v3.23 Android 5.0 update to be installed on your device. And that version is v2.22.40.44. If you are not on that, make sure you install v2.22.40.44 before trying to update your device.


How to Install? Well, that’s easy, follow our guide for previous firmware given here, and you would be able to install the v3.23.40.60 pretty easily too.


The following apps will be removed as these are not compatible with Asus’ Lollipop update:

1. Battery widget
2. PhotoFrame widget
3. Google Text-To-Speech
4. Movie Studio
5. Cloud Print
6. CMClient
7. Magic Smoke Wallpapers

Other changes in the v3.23.40.60 update include:

1. SuperNote: change to link-downloading version
2. Asuswebstorage: change to link-downloading version
3. Remote Link: change to link-downloading version
4. Lockscreen: remove standalone wallpaper & weather info (only for 1GB RAM device)
5. Quick settings/Recent app layout change (only for 1GB RAM device)
6. Dialer/Contacts: reduce tab count from 5 to 3; remove group tab name/photo; remove foreground service (only for 1GB RAM device)
7. InCall screen: remove inCall animation & cover (only for 1GB RAM device)
8. Fix the problem of losing some files after changing the folder name in File Manager
9. Add KKBOX (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
10. Add Dr. eye (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
11. Add Zinio (link-downloading)
12. Add PubuBookBuffet (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
13. Add eReadingNow (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
14. Add ASUS Game Center (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)

Please notice that this upgrade will cause some problems of ASUS Contacts widget.

1. Before upgrade, add 4*1 ASUS Contacts widget to Home; after upgrade, the ASUS Contacts widget will always show “loading”.
    Solution: Remove old 4*1 ASUS Contacts widget and re-add new 4*1 ASUS Contacts widget to Home.
2. After upgrade, the information in 4*3 ASUS Contacts widget will disappear.
    Solution: Re-add information into 4*3 ASUS Contacts widget.

No longer support NTFS format SD card. Please remember to backup your SD card data before upgrade to Android L with following steps:

1. Connect your ZenFone and computer with USB cable
2. Enter your ZenFone storage via computer
3. Select all data and copy it. Paste all your SD card data to your computer

That is it.

Let us know if you need any help regarding updating your Zenfone 5 and/or 6 to latest update.

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  1. After updated to Lollipop so far, today received update on my lollipop OTA around 60MB, but the updating failed with error message unable to locate file or folder something like that.

  2. After updated to Lollipop so far, today received update on my lollipop OTA around 60MB, but the updating failed with error message unable to locate file or folder something like that.

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