Asus Transformer AiO Tablets Features Dual OS: Android and Windows 8

Asus is surely loving, and revelling in, its time with the tablets game. The company has already produced hit android tablets – the Transformer and Transformer Prime – and is looking to add more to that list with a gigantic 18.4-inch touchscreen tablet, dubbed coolly as Asus Transformer AiO, that’s capable of not only running two operating systems, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Windows 8, but also switch from one to another with a push of one physical button.

Which means, you would not need to boot it, just press a button and OS will be switch from one to another. True multitasking, eh! Or true dual-booting, you choose it!

Well, that’s pretty new, and unique. Something not seen yet. And totally amazing. You have us drooling, Asus.

But that’s all we know about it yet. Asus actually just showed the Transformer AiO at the Computex 2012 event, and we have no idea when Asus would official announce its details regarding when it’s launching where for what sum of money – though expect it to be pretty costly affair.

Still, we do have one exciting rumor to share – it’s said that Asus Transformer AiO tablet would run on Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor chips, the one which your latest desktop or PC would come equipped with – it’s the latest and fastest series of processors from Intel, also called 3rd generation series. And, to switch from Android 4.0 to Windows 8 and vice versa, well it’s reasonably obvious you would need a processor like that to keep the experience fluid, simple and fast, fast, fast.

And man, the screen size, it’s 18.4 inches – so awesome. It would be cruel to expect a IPS2 (from Transformer Prime) or Super AMOLED display (from Galaxy Tab 7.7) for this size, and it seems obvious that it would feature a display borrowed from Asus’ Laptop (or Zenbook) division, possible a backlit LED display. Or it could be simply a TFT display and in case you have a killer eye for display quality, you can try figuring it out from the demo model, from the video attached at the bottom.

From the video, we can deduce out some obvious things: the HDMI port (not the mini one but usual laptop-like), 3.5 mm headphone jack, etc. and yes, the physical button to switch from one OS to another, placed on the left side of the tablet toward the top corner. Sure, watch the video yourself for more, adn find something funny at 05:00 mins of the video!

Let’s see what Asus has in store. We’ll be sure to bring you all details, leaks and more rumors and announcement about the 18.4 dual-OS beast Transformer AiO is, so stay with us.

Asus Transformer AiO Demo Video

[youtube video_id=”tbgOiues6Is” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]
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