Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Order of the Ancients Location Guide


There are some epic fights to be had between the assassin and the templars in the latest iteration of Assassin’s Creed. As players make their way through the Valhalla story, they’ll have to face a group of extremely skilled enemies – the Order of the Ancients.

But where can you find them and how do you know when you’ve come across one? All this and much more we will cover in this guide.

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How to Reveal Target Locations

It should be noted that there is no compulsion to take out all the Order of the Ancients in AC Valhalla. That said, if you want to engage in riveting fights against the Order, you’ll have to build a Hidden Ones Bureau after settling in Ravensthorpe where Hytham can bring you important information on the members. Hytham will also reward you when you get rid of the Order members and bring back the medallions that they wear.

All of the members are hiding in the world. Their locations are revealed through clues or by killing other members of the order. Some of them are also part of the main storyline and so cannot be skipped.

Inner circle members (Templars) vs. Zealots

There are a total of 45 Order of the Ancients members: 30 of them are inner circle members, while the other 15 are Zealots – wanderers and outliers of the order.

13 out of the 30 inner circle members are part of the story and cannot be killed outside their missions. The rest have to be killed out in the open world. Apparently, these templars do not have a power level but their power may be according to the region they are in. As for the Zealots, they are extremely strong, much stronger than the area level they’re in.

There are no clues to finding Zealots as they’re always moving around. They’ll be marked on the map by a white helmet icon when you get close to them.

If you want to save time and get the Zealots to come to you, there’s an important story decision that you can make. During the quest ‘Heavy is the Head’, choose the option to kill Leofrith. This will ensure that the Zealots start hunting you as you’re on their hit-list.

But in this article, we shall look at only the locations of the 30 Inner circle members, or the Templars, and how to find them.

Templar Location

The members of the Order of the Ancients are divvied up into six categories. We shall take a look at their locations based on the category that they belong to. Here they are…

The Wardens of War

There are a total of six Order of the Ancients members in this category that you have to hunt down and eliminate.

Kjotve the Cruel (The Axe)

Location: Kjotve’s Fortress, Norway

Also known as ‘The Axe’, fighting this Order member is part of the main mission called ‘A Cruel Destiny’. You won’t find any clues to get to him but his pendant that you receive after defeating him does bring a healthy reward.

He can’t be skipped as he’s part of the story mission. He wields heavy weapons and his attacks are unblockable. The best strategy to defeat him involves dodging his attacks and getting a few hits in between.

Leofgifu (The Scabbard)

The clue to finding this member is unlocked once you build the Hidden Ones Bureau. She can be found at Grantebridgescire.

Location: Utbech, Grantebridescire

Also called The Scabbard, her camp is along the river, north of Grantebridge. She will be guarded by various enemies, wielding a spear. Although it won’t be possible to get to her unseen, she is nevertheless an easy target since you’ll have your allies with you to raid her camp from your longboat.

Hunta, son of Hunta (The Baldric)

Location: Ledecestre, Ledecestrescire

The clue to finding The Bladric is also provided when you build the Hidden One’s Bureau. He is found inspecting the merchants near the market place. He will be guarded by a group of enemies. Though his bow is quite a remarkable weapon, he can be assassinated with ease if you employ some stealth.

Sister Frideswid (The Leach)

Location: Lunden

The Leech is part of the main mission called ‘Bleeding the Leech’ so there’s no need for any clues to find her location.

All you have to do is follow the Lunden storyline in the mission and finish her off. You can assassinate her by jumping on her from above and killing her with a couple of blows. Easy.

Avgos Spearhand (The Arrow)

Location: Lunden

The arrow is another Order member that is killed in the main storyline and as such cannot be skipped.

His identity is uncovered while you’re working on the ‘Firing the Arrow’ quest in the Lunden storyline. You’ll have to complete an archery challenge in order to get to Avgos. He’ll be on stage delivering a speech. Once he’s done, assassinate him from behind.

Vicelin (The Compass)

Location: Lunden

The Compass is defeated on the quest ‘Walls and Shadows’. As a part of the Lunden storyline, you’ll figure out his identity while on the ‘Smash the Compass’ subquest.

The Compass’ attacks are unblockable and you’d want to stay away from them. But killing him isn’t too hard as you can do so by shooting the explosive pots near or strike him from a range.

Wardens of Faith

There are a total of six members of the Order in this category. Let’s see where you can find them and how to eliminate them.

Beneseck of Bath (The Bell)

In order to find out the identity and location of The Bell, you’re going to need to gather a couple of clues first.

Go to Oxenefordscire, eliminate Patrick and get the first clue. For the second clue, you’ll have to visit Suthsexe.

Here, you’ll have to find a building that has a blocked door on the floor. Once you make your way inside you’ll be able to collect the second clue and reveal the identity of Bell.

Location: Brimcliffe Monastery, Suthsexe

Whenever you are ready, travel to Brimcliffe and hunt him down. Do take note that there will be three enemies guarding him, so you need to be quiet about it. The best way to kill him is to assassinate him from the roof.

Heika of Friesland (The Sickle)

Another Order member that needs to be found out through tracking the clues. The location of the first clue is Lincolnscire.

There, you will have to eliminate Havelok and receive the clue. The location for the second clue Essexe.

The clue is inside the Maledun Saltern Camp. You’ll have to climb up the barn and shoot an arrow through the small window to break the lock. The clue will be found inside. As soon as you get the second clue, the Sickle’s identity and location will be revealed.

Location: Colcestre, Essexe

Assassinating her is quite easy if you climb on a building and drop down on her. Just be careful that you don’t alert the guards patrolling the area.

Yohanes Loukas (The Oil)

As soon as you defeat the Sickle, you’ll receive your first clue to finding the Oil. The second clue can be found in Hamtunscire.

The clue will be found on a table in the Henge Farm. For the final clue, head to the Readinghamham Abbey, destroy the wooden barrier covering the well, jump in, and pick up the clue.

Now, the Oil’s identity and location will be revealed.

Location: Fearnhamme, Hamtunscire

Upon tracking him down, you’ll find that he’s surrounded by guards which can make killing him tricky especially if you don’t want to give up your location. But you can destroy the explosive pots, effectively getting rid of a couple of guards after which eliminating the target shouldn’t take long.

In the later game, you’ll receive a letter from the Hidden Ones. Talking to Hytham will unlock the Wincestre storyline. This is where we’ll find the next three Wardens of the Faith order members.

Selwyn (The Gallows)

Location: Wincestre

The Gallows is part of the main story (chapter 2 of the Wincestre arc), so you can’t skip killing him. He will be part of the quest ‘Choking the Gallows’.

Since he will be surrounded by guards (like most other Order members), a good trick is to drop down on him from above so as to take away most of his health. Then a few quick flourishes should be enough to take him down.

Ealhferth (The Seax)

Location: Wincestre

Another Order member found in Wincestre and requiring some blood on Eivor’s hands. No biggie. He is a part of Wincestre Chapter 4, the mission ‘Impaling the Seax’.

Make sure you hurry because you need to kill the Seax before he kills King Aelfred. If you’re unsure who he is, wait for him to go after King Aelfred. A good trick to assassinate the Seax is to wait on the ropes above and bide your time. As soon as he makes a move, pounce, and bounce.

Hilda (The Quill)

Location: Wincestre Sewers

Next one on Eivor’s list is the Quill. Killing her is part of the quest ‘Plucking the Quill’.

Finishing off the Quill isn’t an easy task. You will be led into an ambush when you go to the sewers. Since she’d have been alerted, there’s no chance of a silent assassination. She’ll run like hell and you may not be able to catch up to her. If that happens to be the case, climb the rooftops and assassinate her from above.

Wardens of Law

This category of the Order contains six members. Many of them can be found during the Jorvik quest unveiled after the completion of the Lunden quests. Let’s see where each member is located.

Eanbhert (The Vellum)

Before you can find the location of the Vellum, you’ll require a couple of clues. The first clue is found in Ledecestrescire, after defeating the Order member (Hunta, son of Hunta) there.

The second clue can be picked up from the Thieves’ Warren.  It will be in a house in the center of the camp. You can enter the house from the tunnel underneath.

Once you grab the second clue, the identity and location of Vellum will be revealed.

Location: Glowecestre, Glowecestrescire

Tracking down and assassinating the Vellum is easy as he’ll be alone in the building. All you have to do is sneak through the top window and get at him from above. Easy as pie.

Tata, Defender of Otta’s Wyrd (The Dart)

As soon as you finish off Vellum, you’ll automatically receive a clue for The Dart. For the second clue, go to Sciropescire.

Here, you’ll have to climb atop the tower and get inside from the window somewhere in the middle. This is where your second clue will be revealing the identity and location of the Dart.

Location: Repton, Ledecestescire

You’ll find Dart working alone outside a pile of hay. You know what to do next.

Gunilla (Adze)

Next up on our list is Adze whose identity requires you to find three clues. One of them is handed to you once you defeat The Bell (Warden of the Faith).

For the second clue, you have to get drunk. No seriously, you have to win a drinking contest in Ledecestrescire.

Once you chug yourself silly against the Saxon and win the clue, it’s time for the third clue, the location for is Cweornric.

At the location, you’ll have to enter the house with some guards around it. Collect the clue inside and Adze’s identity and location will be unveiled.

Location: Repton dock, Ledecestescire

Track down Adze and you’ll find that she’s alone, which means killing her should be painless, for you.

The next three Order members are defeated as part of the main story so they can’t be skipped. All of them are found in Jorvic.

Abbes Ingebord (The Firebrand)

Location: Jorvik

She’s a part of Chapter 2 during the mission ‘Burning the Firebrand’.

This one is a bow-wielding order member, though there’s nothing out of the ordinary that you need to do to assassinate her. Match fire with fire, arrows with arrows, or arrows with axes – defeating her is a walk in the park.

Grigorri (The Needle)

Location: Coppergaate Market in Jorvik

As you continue the storyline, the Needle’s identity and exact location will be revealed. This will be in Chapter 3, during the mission ‘Pricking the Needle’.

Assassinating the Needle is easy once you discover his hideout. Just rush him from the rooftops above and assassinate him.

Audun (The Vault)

Location: Jorvik

The last of the Wardens of Law order members, the Vault, is found in Chapter 4, mission – ‘Closing the Vault’.

This one is a very simple mission as the Vault isn’t a fighter himself. But to get to him, you’ll have to accuse him when the choices are presented to you. Once you find him, a single swing of the ax should be sufficient.

Wardens of Wealth

There are six Order members in this category, only two of which are part of the main storyline. So, let’s begin with the other four first.

Patrick (The Anvil)

In order to find the location and identity of the Anvil, you’ll need to gather two clues, one of which is acquired by killing the order member Leofgify (Wardens of War). For the second clue, get to Oxenefordscire, Saint Albanes Abbey.

The clue will be found on a table near a large church. As soon as you collect it, the Anvil’s identity and location will be uncovered.

Location: Oxenefordo, Oxenefordscire

Even though he will be around a few guards patrolling the area, he is an easy target at his smithy in the town of Oxeneforda. You know what to do.

Havelok (The Billhook)

Once you defeat the Anvil, you’ll get a clue to the Billhook immediately. This saves some legwork, but you still have to find the second clue.

The clue will be on a barrel inside a barn in Aelfgarstun – a small village in Lincolnshire. Once you grab that, you can find out where Billhook is located.

Location: Lincoln’s Town Hall, Lincolnscire

He’ll be inside a building, an easy target. Stealthily approach him from behind and stick your dagger in his throat.

Mucel (The Lathe)

You’ll have to find three clues to reveal the identity and location of the Lathe. The first one is found by looting the chest in Oxenefordscire.

Go to the location, move the moveable wall to reveal a window. Enter the house and find the chest on the floor. You have yourself the first clue. Onwards to the next one.

In Buckingham, you’ll have to defeat the dice champion to get the clue. For the last clue, the location is Eatun Barn.

At the location, carry an explosive pot to the breakable wall, shoot it, and keep moving inwards along the stony path. Once you get to the water-logged area, move the moveable wall on the left, get inside the cave and you’ll find the last clue.

Location: Buckingham, Oxenefordscire

The Lathe will be sitting on the pier without any guards nearby which makes killing him a cinch.

Gifle (The Ash-Spear)

Once you defeat the Lathe, you’ll acquire the first clue to the Ash-Spear. But there are two more clues to find. The first clue is at Ruined Tower.

At East Anglia, the clue will be on a cart next to a statue. For the final clue, find the small bench.

Once you collect the clue, you’ll find the identity and location of the Ash-Spear unveiled.

Location: Forest Hideout, East Anglia

The Ash-Spear will have a lot of guards hanging about him. If you don’t want them to start throwing explosive pots at you, employ some stealth and get rid of him.

The next two Wardens of Wealth Order members are story related and cannot be skipped.

Wigmund (The Tang)

Location: Isle of Ely Monastery, Grantebridgescire

Killing him is part of the mission ‘An Island of the Eels’ from the Song of Soma story arc.

In order to take him out, you have to help Soma and regain Grantebridge. The Tang will be hiding in the northwestern region of the monastery, near the swampy river. With the help of Soma and a team of raiders, you’ll break into the monastery and finish him off. He has no battle skills so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Bishop Herefrith (The Crozier)

Location: Lincolnscire

The last order member in this category is in Lincolscire. In order to know that he’s an order member, in chapter 4 of The Lay of Hunwald – ‘Where the Stone Falls’, you’ll need to choose amongst three options. Make sure you do NOT choose the Bishop. Once the cut scene is over, you’ll know that he’s the order member.

So now, in chapter 5 ‘A Sword-Shower in Anecastre’, you’ll lead an attack on the Bishop hiding inside a church. Once inside, assassinating him shouldn’t be a problem.


For every single Order of the Ancient category, there is a Maegester that is unlocked after killing all the members of that category. In essence, they’re the bosses of the different Order of the Ancients groups. Let’s take a look at where they’re located and how you can find them.

Sister Blaeswith (The Rake)

Location: Canterbury, Cent

The Rake is revealed after killing all of the Wardens of the Faith. You can find her in Cent.

Once you get to her location, you’ll find that she’s surrounded by a bunch of guards. But thankfully, there are a variety of ways by which you can take them out. For instance, there is a crate hoisted up in the air which, if you time right, you can shoot to take out the guards and the Rake underneath.

Tatfrid (The Lyre)

The next Maegestrate we’re going to take a look at is The Lyre of the Wardens of Wealth.

Location: Grantebridge, Grantebridgescire

The Lyre may be wandering about or on a stage playing music alone. Either way, you won’t break a sweat killing him.

Reeve Derby (The Vice)

The Vice is the Maegester of the Wardens of Law. Once you eliminate all Wardens of Law, Vice’s location will be revealed.

Location: Picheringa, Eurviscire

He will most likely be found near a waterfall.

Killing Vice isn’t that difficult, except maybe having some advanced assassination skills. On top of that, there aren’t any guards nearby protecting or patrolling the area so that is some respite.

Gorm Kjotvesson (The Keel)

Location: Vinland

The Keel is a Wardens of War Maegestrate. He is a part of the story mission ‘Hunter of the Beast’ so he cannot be skipped.

Once unlocked, you have to return to Hytham and get the ‘In a Strange Land’ quest. Thereafter, speak with Randvi to go to Vinland and leave for Vinland at the docks.

You may have to get some weapons and gear by bartering your resources. The Keel will be at the Narfijot Camp with a few guards. You’ll either have to assassinate him with a single hit or muscle your way through to get to him.

Fulke (The Instrument) – Warden of Relics

This guy makes up a one-member group of the Warden of Relics, which makes him its Maegestrate as well. Now, we’re not here to judge, only to kill. So, let’s get on with it.

Location: Suthsexe

Thankfully, she is part of the main storyline so you don’t have to go out of your way to get to her. You’ll have a chance to kill her during the ‘Storming the Walls’ quest.

There will be a couple of phases in your fight with her. The first phase is underground where she’ll kill the lights but that shouldn’t cause much trouble as you still have your Odin’s sight.

If you can get her health down to 25%, she’ll try to get away. But your allies will be waiting for you two on top for you to engage in a duel. Without a weapon, she’s just a frail little girl, and eliminating her is only a matter of a couple of blows.

The Grand Maegester (The Father)

Major Spoilers Ahead

This final boss, the Grand Maegester, will be unlocked once you defeat all other Order members (including the Zealots that we haven’t covered in this article). On top of that, you will have to speak with Hytham to get the ‘Poor Fellow-Soldier’ mission.

Go to the location near Aethelnay and speak to King Aelfred who turns out to be the Father. In a surprising turn of events, he actually wanted to destroy the Order from within but was thwarted in his plans when the Danes arrived.

That’s about it. After the cutscene, you conquer the last of the Maegestrate, even though it is not how most would have imagined.

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