Price Announced of Archos 80 G9 and Archos 101 G9 Tablets

Archos just did us a favor by announcing the prices of its upcoming tablets we’re excitingly waiting for — Archos 80 ad Archos 101 (Gen-9 tablets). The pricing structure is a little bit complex, and your wallet’s weight will be tested against the spec-sheet you chose for your version. Both of Archos G9 tablets, 80 and 101, have 3 versions each. let’s go into the details.

For 8-incher Archos 80 G9 (with res of 1024 x 768), price range starts from $299 for a 1 GHz heart and 8 GB storage; but if you prefer the 1.5 GHz dual-core processor with 16 GB of space, minimum you’ll need to shell out is $330 and maximum would be $370 which will allow you to take home a 1.5 GHz dual-core powered tablet with 250 GB of storage.

For Archos 101 G9 (with res of 1280 x 720), it gets even better with the 10.1 inch screen space on-board, and it affects price too. The lowest is the 1 GHz option which will get you 8 GB of storage for $370. Next is $400 costing 1.5 dual-core Archos 101 G9 with 16 GB of storage and the priciest one of them all is 1.5 GHz dual-core powered machine with 250 GB of storage, costing $470.

So there you have it.

Common features include Android 3.1 honeycomb (not the latest but it’s not Archos fault since Android 3.2 was released only a couple of days before or so), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, HDMI out, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR connectivity, etc.

We don’t recommend buying the single-core 1GHz tablets (8.0 or 10.1), and the bigger screen is much better too. You may not need the 250 GB of storage too, unless you’ve tons of movies on your PC disks, and want many of them on tablet too. So the Archos 101 G9 tablet with 16 GB of storage costing $400 seems a winner to us.

But throw in the Asus transformer, which is also selling for around that price (i.e. $400), you’ve a real competition. Asus has already proved that its tablet is fast, and looks different and better than other tablets. Further, they’ve already issued a statement about latest OS Android 3.2 that it’s coming soon to Transformer, which does gives some food for thought. Although all the tablet versions of Archos mentioned above have Google Apps support this time (since it was missing rom their tablets earlier), the pricing gets 10.1 inch 16 GB option on par with what is currently being offered in the market by the competition, which much more well known than Archos. And that’s not too cool!

In our opinion, Archos tablets will find the clients who are seeking 250 GB of storage, or those who want an 8 inch tablet which aren’t much in the market, and lastly, those who still find a 1 GHz tablet cool — whether 8 inch or 10.1 inch. That said, credits to Archos for making the android tablets more reachable to masses and bringing the android market support too this time.

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