Application Manager Android App: Backup, install & uninstall apps with ease

Application Manager Android App

Application Manager android app lets you backup, install & uninstall apps with ease. The app swiftly loads a list of installed apps on your phone, where you can select a single app or multiple apps to backup or uninstall. You can also sort apps by categories like apps installed by you, pre-installed apps, apps that uses network, apps that starts on boot, etc.

And under the “App Install” hood, you can install the apps stored in your sdcard. You’ll have to select the folder where you’ve stored your .apk files (backups taken by this app are in “sdcard/backups/apps” folder). So navigate to the folder where your apps are and tap on the app you want to install. However, there is no option to install apps in batch mode. Hope the developer is working on it.

Other Features:

  • Apps uninstall in batch mode
  • Seach apps by keywords and package name

Scan To Download Application Manager Android AppDownload Application Manager Android App. Scan the QR code in the right with a barcode scanner app.

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