Android Q eligibility confirmed for Essential Phone

Essential Phone root.

Typically, Android OEMs, including Google, roll out at least two major OS upgrades to their devices, but things have been changing lately, for the good.

OnePlus made headlines when it announced that it will provide a third major OS upgrade for those using the OnePlus 3 and 3T handsets. While we are still waiting on Samsung to tell us when to expect Android 9 Pie updates for the Galaxy Note 9 and S9, Essential is already giving us info on the successor to Pie, which will be called Android Q.

Apparently, the Essential Phone will get a third major OS upgrade to Android Q when the time comes. This information was made public during a Reddit AMA with the company’s CTO, a software program manager and a quality engineer, confirming that Q will be the last major OS the PH-1 phone will get, but the device will still receive monthly security patches through August 2019.

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To recall, the Essential Phone was launched in 2017 with Android Nougat out of the box. The device has since been updated to Android Oreo and recently got Pie on the same day as the Google Pixels, something that has become a big deal for owners of the phone. Following the announcement that there won’t be a successor to the PH-1, the best thing the company could ever do is provide the current model with adequate software support – something it seems to be doing perfectly fine.

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