Android Pie for Galaxy J8 is coming soon!

Galaxy J8 Pie update

While providing Android 9 Pie release date for the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20, Samsung also updated the list of devices that will receive Pie alongside the expected release date.

Based on this list, the Galaxy J8 is expected to be updated to Android Pie in April 2019. And indeed, the device has just been cleared by the Wi-Fi Alliance to receive the One UI update on model SM-J810Y/DS.

This model is mostly sold in Southeast Asia, but it doesn’t guarantee this region will lead the way in receiving the Galaxy J8 Pie update. In fact, this listing only suggests the rollout is on the way, probably three or so weeks to come.

Samsung has been quite the revelation with Android Pie updates. The company has, for the most part, kept its word as per the promised release dates. It promised to update the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in January 2019 and delivered. The Galaxy Note 8 and S8 duo were promised an update to Pie in February and again, Samsung delivered.

The company also promised to update the Galaxy A8+ 2018 in March 2019 and guess what, the device was recently upgraded to Android Pie. If more of this is to come, then the J8 should switch to Pie this April.

With the listing on the Wi-Fi Alliance, it looks like Samsung will once again deliver as promised.

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