Android Pie for Galaxy A7 2018 nears release, now certified

Galaxy A7 2018 Pie update

The Galaxy A7 2018 showed up on Geekbench several weeks ago running Android 9 Pie, suggesting that Samsung had begun internal testing.

In a new development, the tri-lens camera smartphone has now received Wi-Fi Alliance certification with Pie on board, adding even more weight to previous reports.

Usually, it may take four or so weeks for a device that has gone through the WFA to receive the official update, which puts the potential Pie release date for the Galaxy A7 2018 at February or March 2019.

In a recent software update roadmap published in the official Samsung Members app, the Galaxy A7 2018 is expected to get Pie in April 2019, which still makes sense based on this certification.

Also, we saw a Geekbench listing of the Galaxy A7 2017 running Android 9 Pie. The A7 2017 has already received two major OS upgrades, which makes this development quite interesting. However, this could easily be a Pie-based ROM doing the tricks.

Its unlikely the aging device will get a third OS upgrade, s0 you better take the info with a grain of salt.

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