Android Oreo for LG G6 is coming soon, says Rogers Canada

LG G6 Oreo update

Since LG’s V series assumed flagship duties at the expense of the G series, the latter has suffered a lot. Besides being chosen as the vessel to carry year-old specs in 2017, the LG G6 hasn’t been at the top of its game as far as flagship smartphone software updates are concerned. This is why it’s almost May and we are still here talking about when to expect the first major OS upgrade to the device – Android Oreo.

LG has already rolled out Android Oreo to LG V30 and it’s obvious that the next in line is the LG G6. However, the wait has been quite long, especially when you consider that the first V30 Oreo update showed up months ago.

Nonetheless, there’s a glimpse of hope as Canada’s Rogers has just shed some light on when to expect the LG G6 Oreo update to start rolling out. Although there’s no precise date, a “coming soon” release date seems fair enough, but it’s never a guarantee with software updates.

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On the brighter side, the fact that a carrier-based LG G6 will receive Android Oreo soon could also imply that those in other regions where unlocked models are the norm may get their hands on the update ahead of Canadians and Americans for that matter. But once again, the exact date remains unknown.

Rogers has also confirmed that Android Oreo will be “coming soon” to the Moto Z Play and Huawei P10, with the former’s rollout expected to kick off on May 1. Other high profile devices that are also in line to receive Oreo in the coming weeks are Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but like LG G6, the exact release date remains a mystery.

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  1. Just received another security patch today for the G6. Mentioned something about “may” receive a notification for another update which I hope is Oreo! Better be 8.1 not 8.0 though… Waited way too long.

  2. i haven’t had any updates (security etc) since Dec 2017. Waiting.

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