Android M to Likely to Support Native Fingerprint Scanning Hardware

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Prior to the launch of the Nexus 6 last year, there were claims that the device will arrive with a fingerprint scanner. Dennis Woodside, an ex-Motorola CEO has revealed that it would have swopped in Apple and muddied up everything.

These days, it has become quite common for the Android devices to arrive with a fingerprint scanner. It all started years back with the Motorola Atrix, but it became highly successful on the iPhone 5S. Following the same, Samsung came up with one on the Galaxy S5. Now, even HTC One M9 Plus incorporates a fingerprint scanner.

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The Android device manufacturers have to come up with their own solutions until Google includes an Android API for the OEMs to use. It is odd that Google that has built several security techniques in Android has failed to find a solution for the fingerprint scanners in the platform.

A latest BuzzFeed report tips that Google will add the support to native fingerprint authentication in Android soon letting users to log into the applications such as Google Play Store using their fingerprint. In addition, an Ars Technica report collaborates to the same by recapping what we can expect from the Google I/O.

It has to be noted that the existing Nexus hardware does not support the required software API lacking the support for fingerprint scanner. If the reports are confirmed, the upcoming Nexus devices will get a fingerprint scanner as the Android M will come with respective API.

Sources: BuzzFeed. Ars Technica