Android 9 Pie for Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy J4 to roll out in April

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and J4 Pie update

Samsung has been pretty impressive with Android Pie updates since the turn of the year. At least nine Samsung Galaxy phones have been upgraded to Android 9 Pie with One UI during Q1 2019. This excludes the Galaxy S9 pair, which first received the update in December 2018.

The company has also been surprisingly good at keeping their promised Android Pie release dates for the likes of Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, and even the midrange Galaxy A8 2018, Galaxy A9 2018 and Galaxy A7 2018. We expect this impressive streak to continue, but of course, with software updates, there will always be some ups and downs.

For instance, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 was promised to receive Android Pie in March, but with only a couple of days left, there are still no signs of the OS. Of course, anything can happen between now and Sunday, although not for those in Turkey and definitely lots of other markets where the device is sold.

According to Samsung Turkey, which maintains a regularly updated software release roadmap, the Galaxy Tab S4 will be updated to One UI based on Pie on April 12, 2019. This same day will also see the Galaxy J4 treated to a slice of Pie, too.

The Galaxy J4 was scheduled to receive Pie in April 2019, so it doesn’t surprise us that Samsung Turkey has a specific date for the rollout. At the moment, both devices are still testing the OS.

As noted earlier, the Galaxy A7 2018, A8 2018, and A8+ 2018 have already received Pie in other parts of the world, but they are still testing the OS in Turkey, with the rollout expected the same day as the Tab S4 and J4.


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