Android 4.2 Update for Nexus 7 confirmed for Nov 13, Galaxy Nexus is scheduled for later

ASUS recently announced that the Nexus 7 would be getting the Android 4.2 update “in the near future”, and not surprisingly, the update is scheduled to roll out on November 13 – the same day that Google launches the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 3G, and the Nexus 10 – according to, who were given the info by Google customer support.

The Galaxy Nexus, however, is scheduled to get the update some time later, though no concrete time frame is available. Custom ROM users won’t have a problem as developers will no doubt make custom Android 4.2 ROMs available for the Galaxy Nexus when Google releases its source, but hopefully the official update won’t take too long. For the Nexus S, it is not yet certain whether it will be getting Android 4.2 in the first place, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Android 4.2 was already seen running on the Nexus 7 in the UK in its newest ad, so there is no reason to doubt that Google will start the update’s rollout very soon. As for the Galaxy Nexus, we’ll let you know when we find out more on its upgrade plans.