Android 4.2 now available in AOSP, Nexus 4 not supported though

The source code for Android 4.2 started pushing to AOSP a few hours back, after the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 started receiving the Android 4.2 update earlier today, and is now available in the AOSP repository for syncing by all those awesome custom ROM developers out there.

While the AOSP code itself isn’t of any use to us, it will enable those of us using AOSP-based ROMs like CyanogenMod to try out the latest version of Android very soon, as developers rush to release Android 4.2-based ROMs for various devices, specially the Nexus family of phones and tablets.

However, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 3G are currently not supported by AOSP, and while the latter’s exclusion is due to Google not being able to license its “GSM stack” for AOSP yet, Android AOSP head Jean-Baptiste Queru was unable to comment as to the Nexus 4 isn’t supported, though this could also be due to licensing issues. But then again, Google is having a hard time confirming orders for the Nexus 4, so by the time people get their hands on the device, the code should be available.

So hang tight folks, the Android 4.2 ROMs barrage is about to start. Though don’t stay up overnight, as syncing that code and merging it into the ROMs takes time.