Android 4.2 Keyboard now available in Play Store

Android 4.2 comes with a new keyboard that now includes the ability to swipe through letters to form words, similar to that infamous third-party keyboard Swype. However, non-Nexus devices won’t be getting an update to Android 4.2 any time soon, and many will probably see manufacturers completely replacing the keyboard with their own, but people can enjoy the new keyboard right now, as it has been made available on the Play Store as a third-party app.

As an experienced Swype user, I don’t find the new “Gesture Typing” in the Android keyboard matching what Swype provides, but it is still great that such a feature is now included in the stock Android keyboard, so that people can enjoy both swipe and non-swipe typing capabilities (the latter of which the stock keyboard does brilliantly).

Hit the link below to grab the Android 4.2 keyboard from the Play Store. The developer has said that he will look into porting the keyboard back to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but for now only Android 4.0 and above are supported.



  1. Doesn’t seem like it is available anymore…

  2. Doesn’t seem like it is available anymore…

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