LG Spectrum Android 4.0 ICS update approved by Verizon

Did someone put us all in a dream world where anything and everything is possible? It would seem so, as over the last couple of days, none less than two LG devices have gotten an update to a newer version of Android. First it was the LG Lucid, and now the Android 4.0 update for the LG Spectrum has also been approved by Verizon. Turning over a new leaf, are we LG?

The update will bring all the Ice Cream Sandwich goodies one would expect, like a refreshed interface, faster performance, improved browsing, data management, new multitasking screen, enhanced notifications with the ability to swipe individual notifications to remove them, homescreen folders, etc, and Verizon’s Remote Diagnostic Tool as well.

The update is 384 in size and should start rolling out in the next few days. Do let us know when you guys see the update appear on your LG Spectrum!