Android 2.2, Froyo OTA Update for Nexus One Starts Rolling Over. Cheers!

Google Nexus One

We just talked about the Android 2.2 Update for the Droid brand which features Motorola phones like Droid, Droid X and Droid 2. Now, let’s see what’s going on with the Android’s creator, Google’s own brand, Nexus One.

Well, it was expected that the Nexus One will always have an upper hand when it would come to Updates on Android. And Google has not disappointed us here. The Company revealed on their blog dedicated to Nexus One that the update for Android’s latest version 2.2, the Froyo has started rolling out from June 28 and all users of Google’s Nexus One should get the update by the end of the week. Cool!

BTW, Android 2.2 had already made its way into Nexus One when the phone was released earlier this month in South Korea, where it came pre-installed with the device. Yes, it was pretty awkward for the existing owners but they should be happy now. Are You?

There is lot to cheer about Froyo since it brings a galore of new features that would simply rock your device. Find out all about the greatest update in Google’s own language, here.

Speaking of updates there are lot of rumors going on which suggest that the new update for HTC EVO is turning phones into bricks. That’s why I trust Google. Always.

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