Android 2.1 getting market update, brings in auto update, update all and related apps tab

Android 2.1 Market Update

Well, we surely didn’t expect anything like this, after all, updates on android 2.1 aren’t talk of the day anymore in a world where android 2.3 Gingerbread has taken over. But we just spotted one of the very old time favorite of ours, the Galaxy Spica, showing the related apps tab (yes, the third tab on the apparently description page, that was added only recently) on app details page in the android market.

Obviously, the next clicks were meant only to get as quickly as on the downloads page, where all install apps reside. And yes, we spotted the ‘update all’ tab at the bottom as also the option to auto update an app.

So we’re pretty sure some sort of testing must be going on, and that Google hasn’t forgotten android 2.1 altogether, after all, Nexus One introduced it.

Want ultra verification? Check out the video below!

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  1. I just recently saw this on my Backflip and was quite pumped. Hopefully users make good use of it so getting people to update is quite as annoying.

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