Amazon Kindle Fire gets Rooted!

Kindle Fire, which runs Android OS under the Amazon’s heavy custom UI, just moved one step closer in its off-market development scene. It just got rooted! If you’re a Kindle Fire owner and know a thing about android modding (custom roms, cm7, miui, themes, etc.), we know you already wanna celebrate this — rightly so. Root achievement is a big, and very nice thing.

Kindle Fire is looking like a success for Amazon — over 500,000 units have been pre-ordered already — but one thing that’s so good about this tablet is that it’s running Android OS deep inside and is powered by a dual-core processor, making a go-go for awesome android dev community. I can foresee a day when Kindle Fire owners will be using CM7, MIUI and other great custom roms.

In order to Root Kindle Fire, you first need to set up ADB and get it running fine, after which you can use the famous SuperOneClick root tool to root Kindle Fire.

XDA member, death2all110, has done all this amazing work on how to get adb installed on kindle Fire, get it run fine and then rooting the tablet using the SuperOneClick root tool. If you are interested in installing adb and rooting your kindle fire, follow the his guide over here.

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