Adobe introduces New AI Assistant to Reader and Acrobat PDFs

What to know

  • Adobe Acrobat and Reader apps are getting a New AI Assistant that will allow users to ‘chat’ with their PDF documents. 
  • The conversational AI will answer questions based on the content of the document, quickly find and summarize information, cite content, create clickable links, and much more.
  • The beta version of AI Assistant is available for all Acrobat Individual, Pro, and Teams customers, including trialists at no additional cost. Once the assistant is out of beta, Adobe will allow access to it via an add-on subscription plan.

In a massive AI push, Adobe is bringing generative AI to PDFs that will allow users to converse with their documents, find information, and summarize the content – that too at no additional cost (for now). Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Adobe brings generative AI to PDFs

Adobe Reader and Acrobat apps will soon let you get intelligent summaries and find important information in long and unwieldy documents. 

Image: News.Adobe

As per the announcement, the infusion of AI will enable users to ‘chat’ with their documents. The AI-powered conversational engine “instantly generates summaries and insights from long documents, answers questions and formats information for sharing in emails, reports and presentations.”  

Currently, the AI Assistant is in the beta phase but is already available for Acrobat Individual, Pro, and Teams customers. Even those with trial accounts can check out the AI Assistant. There’s no activation required. One can start using the AI Assistant on Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat by simply opening the apps. 

Image: News.Adobe

Adobe’s New AI Assistant features

Adobe listed the various features and capabilities of their generative AI. Here’s a quick look at the important features:

  1. AI Assistant: A conversational interface to answer prompts and questions and even suggest questions based on the content of the PDF. 
  2. Generative summary: To quickly summarize and go over the main points of the document, especially useful for long PDF documents.
  3. Easy navigation: Creation of clickable links to let you jump to relevant information in long documents. 
  4. Intelligent citations: To quickly verify citations and answers generated by the AI.
  5. Formatted output: AI Assistant can gather and format key points and info into overviews, key takeaways, email, presentation, and report appropriate text, and much more. 
  6. Beyond PDF: AI Assistant will work with all kinds of documents, including Word, PowerPoint, etc. 

The Future of AI Assistants in Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe is only getting started. In addition to its announcement for AI Assistant in Acrobat and Reader, Adobe related that it is working on such features as AI-powered authoring and editing as well as introducing key features from Firefly, its creative generative model. 

Although the new AI Assistant features are already available in beta at no additional cost, Adobe will allow access to its full range of capabilities via an add-on subscription plan once it is out of beta. Do stay tuned for our breakdown and review of the new AI Assistant on Acrobat and Reader.

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