A new update for Huawei P9 adds moving picture and improved image search

Huawei P9

As you wait for the Huawei P9 Oreo update, the company has a smaller update for you already rolling out. It might be small in name, but it’s not worth ignoring because it brings several new features alongside the usual performance and stability improvements.

The latest update comes with firmware version EVA-L19C185B393, which means it’s targeting the global version of the Huawei P9 with model number EVA-L19. According to Huawei, this update adds Highlights in the Gallery app and Moving picture in the Camera app.

With the Moving picture, Huawei P9 users will now be able to take dynamic photos in Standard Mode. The update also adds a feature that allows users to search for images in the Gallery using keywords such as location, date or album name.

After this update, Huawei P9 users will also be able to summarize their moments in an album and a video in the Gallery app. If you have been missing updates, well, the latest version will ensure that you always install them. There’s a new feature that will prompt the phone to automatically install downloaded system updates between 2AM and 4AM. However, you must enable the feature and the device must also not be in use for this to take effect.

Besides adding new features, the update also comes with a few optimizations in the settings and prompts related to Mirror reflection. Since it’s rolling out over the air, it’ll take time before all Huawei P9 units receive the OTA notification. So, if you own a P9 handset with model number EVA-L19, you can try a manual update via the device’s Settings menu, but ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection and enough battery juice.

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