9 Best download managers for Android

While the default built in download manager of Android offers the basic downloading functionalities, it fails to offer advanced features such as download resume and speed boost among other things. Thanks to the third party download managers, downloading a large file or even a small file is no longer a herculean task.

Download Managers ease the process of downloading files by splitting the file into various parts and giving you the power to download the files as and when you want.

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The functionality of all these download managers is same. All you need to do is tap on any downloadable link in the browser and tap share. From share menu, select your preferred download manager. Another way to use these managers is to add the link manually. Just tap the plus button in the download manager app and paste your link. Further, some download managers automatically detect the link from the clipboard.

There are many third party download managers available on the Google Play Store, however, to save your time, we have handpicked few download managers.

Advanced Download Manager

Ask anyone who has used a download manager on Android device and they would suggest Advanced Download Manager. As the name suggests, Advanced download manager offers all the advanced features that are missing in the default Android download manager. Name the feature and you will get it in the Advanced Manager.

Advanced Download Manage supports files larger than 2 GB, to boot. Besides accelerating the download by using the concept of multithreading, it allows you to download 3 files simultaneously. What’s a download manager if it doesn’t support resume after failure? So, yup Advanced download manager downloads files in the background and resumes it automatically when the connection is back. You also get settings like download only on Wi-Fi, change speed in real time, backup downloaded files on SD card.

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With the ability to set light or dark mode, you can further customize the themes as per your liking. The app provides various other options such categorization of downloads, sorting, filtering, widget and notifications.

Download Advanced Download Manager

IDM: Download Torrents, Audio, Video & more

The IDM app, besides supporting download of all file types such as document, music, video etc, also supports Torrent download. You can download torrents using a magnetic link or a torrent URL. Similar to ADM, the IDM supports 3 simultaneous downloads. It also supports HTTP Live streaming websites.

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Further, the app detects the link when you copy it to your clipboard and offers resume and download function. To make it easy to view the download progress, you will get status in the notification bar. In addition to that, it offers features such as dark/light theme, notification/vibration support, sorting and categorization of download.

Download IDM

Download Manager for Android

With a simple and clean user interface, the Download Manager for Android by Renkmobil Bilisim allows you to download all types of files in parallel parts. It also supports resuming of interrupted downloads. Besides that, the app supports controls such as pause or cancel the download.

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The app also offers live speed indicator and active downloads badge number. Further, the app offers voice search for downloads besides the usual text search. You can also transfer file links to the computer on the same Wi-Fi network.

Download Manager for Android

Loader Droid Download Manager

Loader Droid is a powerful and efficient manager that supports notification bar download progress, light/dark theme and download schedule besides offering download support for any kind of file format.

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Like other third party download manager, Loader Droid also supports download resume feature. It also offers auto pause when the connection is lost and auto resume when the connection is back. Similar to Advanced Download Manager, Loader Droid also splits download into parts for faster download. Further, you can define the type of connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc.) that you want to use for each download link, and thanks to that, the download will auto pause and auto resume when you use a different type of connection.

Download Loader Droid Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

True to its name, Turbo Download Manager accelerates the download speed, thanks to better thread utilizations and multiple HTTP connections. The app offers 3 parallel downloads besides pause and queuing of multiple downloads.

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And of course, it supports resume of interrupted downloads. The app works in the background and allows unlimited file size download. It supports all kinds of web browsers.

Download Turbo Download Manager

Download Manager Accelerator

Another cool download manager for Android devices is the Download Manager Accelerator. The app also supports any type of file format besides any file size. With features such as resume, pause, scheduling of downloads and connection type, Download Manager Accelerator is a must try download manager.

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The app further offers features like live download progress in the notification bar, multi thread download, and faster download speed.

Download Manager Accelerator

Download Accelerator Plus

With material design and theme support, Download Accelerator Plus offers multiple downloads and queue support. It splits files into multiple parts and hence increases download speed making the app a powerful speed booster besides download manager. The app supports all kinds of file types.

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By now you should know that every app supports download resume functionality. Further, the app automatically grabs links whenever you copy a link to clipboard or open a downloadable link.

Download Accelerator Plus

Get Them All

As the name suggests, Get Them All download manager makes it easy to download all downloadable files on any web page. Instead of finding and pressing download button individually, the app grabs all the downloadable links and makes them available to you. You then select the files that you want to download.

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It supports all types of file formats and downloads in background mode. Besides that, you can transfer files to Google Drive and to your PC via Wi-Fi transfer.

Download Get Them All

G-Download Manager

G- Download Manager besides offering the functions of a download manager makes it very to transfer URLs and files from PC to phone and vice versa. It supports features such as automatic link grabbing, download pause, resume and schedule feature.

It supports 3 simultaneous downloads, whether they are from Facebook or Daily Motion or some other download.

Download G Download Manager

Which one is your favorite? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.