8 Lightweight Mouse for Large Hands

Modern computer mice are more functional than ever with wireless connectivity, long-lasting battery, better sensitivity, additional buttons, and more options. But with more features being added to them, mice over the years have become bulkier to an extent that they may induce stress to your hands. 

Because of this, manufacturers are trying new ways to cut down on the excessive weight of a mouse and have released what they call Lightweight or Ultralight range of mice. The following post will help you understand why you may need a lightweight mouse, how to know whether you need a large-size mouse, and also find the perfect lightweight mouse if you’re someone with large hands. 

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Why should you use a lightweight mouse?

Lightweight mice have several benefits but they became popular because of the rise of esports. Ever since the gaming industry has picked gear, users have yearned for light mice that are more maneuverable and can be used for a longer period of time. If you have doubts on whether lightweight mice are worth your money, you may find any of the following reasons convincing:

  • Improve your aim accuracy when gaming
  • Maximize your movement speed
  • Increase your work/game time
  • Reduce hand fatigue because of extended usage
  • Prevent medical injuries caused by excessive usage of mice like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Allow you to pack easily and carry it around

If you’re someone if big hands, it’s also important that the lightweight mouse you choose fits your hand perfectly.

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How to tell how big hands your hand are?

There are a ton of lightweight mice out in the market but not all of them might suit your purpose or your hand. If you’re someone with a large palm, then you might need a mouse that’s the proper size for your hands. This is important because finding a mouse that fit your hand can aid in a better performance while gaming or even during your work. 

But how do you know if your hands need a large-size mouse? We’ll show you how. 

Computer mice come in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. 

Size label Hand Length Hand Width
Small Less than 170 mm  Less than 85 mm
Medium 170 mm to 200 mm 85 mm to 100 mm
Large More than 200 mm More than 100 mm

While the above parameters can help you get a general idea of what size may fit you perfectly, you shouldn’t be restricted to the size category your fall into. The type of your mouse grip (Palm, Claw, and Fingertip grips) also plays a significant role here. For instance, if your hand size is L and your default grip is “Palm”, you may be limited from trying a mouse that’s rated M/L in size but it may be perfect for you if you switch to Claw, and Fingertip grips. 

For individuals with large hands, we suggest you check out both Medium and Large options when browsing. 

As for the weight of these mice, the options presented to you in this post won’t be below the 50-grams mark simply because they’re made for larger hands. 

4 Top Wired Lightweight Mouse for Large Hands

The following are the best-wired mice you can find for your large hands that are also lightweight. The options listed here are in increasing order of weight; meaning the topmost mouse is the one that weighs the least. 

1. HyperX Pulsefire Haste – 59 grams

Among the options presented here, HyperX’s Pulsefire Haste is the lightest, coming in at just 59 grams. The mouse follows an ambidextrous design although the two side buttons are only present on the left hand side. HyperX was able to cut down the mouse’s weight by building it wholly in plastic and with honeycomb-shaped perforations. 

For users with large hands, you may be satisfied with the mouse’s dimensions – 123 mm x 67 mm x 40 mm. This size is pretty much idea for large hands, regardless of the mouse grip you’re confutable with. That means you can use this mouse in all possible grips – Palm, Claw, or Fingertip. Being made large and fairly tall, you might, however, find it hard to push the mouse into a laptop sleeve or bag but in terms of weigh, the mouse is certainly portable. 

Moving on, the HyperX mouse gets its unique look because of the RGB lighting on the scroll wheel which you can customize using the HyperX NGenuity software on Windows (not available on Mac). There are 6 programmable buttons on the mouse including a dedicated DPI switch, and the scroll wheel has 24 steps. As for other specs, Pulsefire Haste has a PixArt PAW3335 sensor, up to 16000 CPI, 1000 Hz Polling Rate, and 1.2 mm lift-off gap.

Buy on Amazon ($49.99) | BestBuy ($49.99)Newegg ($78.98) | Walmart ($72.93)

2. SteelSeries Aerox 3 – 60 grams

At 60 grams, the wired version of SteelSeries Aerox 3 is just a gram heavier than HyperX’s Pulsefire Haste but with more RGB lighting zones that are visible through the honeycomb holes. With 120 mm x 67 mm x 38 mm as dimensions, the mouse may be slightly smaller than the Haste but it is more than capable of handling your large hands if you’re comfortable holding it in Claw or Fingertip grips. 

The Aerox 3 is powered by a TrueMove Core sensor that offers sensitivity of up to 8500 CPI, adjustment per 100 CPI, and 1000 Hz Polling Rate. There are a total of 8 programmable buttons including 2 side buttons, a profile switching button, a DPI Switching Button, and a scroll wheel with 24 steps. Unlike the Haste, SteelSeries’s offering supports customization on both Windows and macOS. Other features include a USB-C mesh cable, PTFE Glide Skates, IP54 dust and water resistance, and quiet clicking. 

Buy on BestBuy ($59.99) | Newegg ($69.23) | Walmart ()

3. HK Gaming Mira M – 63 grams

The Mira M is one of the lightweight offerings from HK Gaming with a weight of 63 grams. Measuring at 124 mm x 64 mm x 40 mm, the mouse is larger but narrower than the Haste and Aerox 3 but with an increased height, it offers the right fit for anyone with large hands. The mouse comes in various color options but the matte finish in all of them makes sure you’re able to grip it for extended usage. Being the largest among the first three in this list, the mouse is comfortable to use in all grips – Palm, Claw, or Fingertip. 

As for the specifications, the Mira M includes a Pixart PMW-3360 sensor with up to 12000 CPI adjustment, 50G acceleration, and 250 IPS tracking speed. The mouse additionally features an IP68 Rated dust and water resistance, a dedicated DPI button, PTFE mouse feet, multiple profiles, and Anti Slip Grips. 

Buy on Amazon ($59.99) | Newegg ($49.99) | Walmart ($69.99)

4. Glorious Model O – 67 grams

Glorious makes a bunch of mice with different sizes, purposes, and connectivity. Their Glorious Model O is the wired-only option that weighs at 67 grams and measures 129 mm x 67 mm x 38 mm. The dimensions and the mouse’s Honeycomb Shell make sure it’s the right fit for large-handed users of all grip types. 

The Model O is powered by the PixArt PMW3360 sensor that offers up to 12000 CPI sensitivity, 100 CPI adjustment steps, and a 1000 Hz polling rate. There are a total 6 buttons, 5 of which can be reprogrammable, one is a dedicated CPI switch, and the scroll wheel has 24 steps. Although the mouse can be connected to both Windows and macOS, it cannot be configured on macOS to adjust the RGB lighting, polling rate, or CPI sensitivity. 

Buy on Amazon ($79.48) | Newegg ($80.99) | Walmart ($92.07)

4 Top Wireless Lightweight Mice for Large Hands

Looking for a large wireless mouse in the ultralight category? The following options should be the best bet for you. For obvious reasons, you may notice that wireless mice are heavier than the wired options listed above as they house a wireless receiver and a battery that adds up to the extra weight. 

The mice listed below are ranked in increasing order of weight, with the heaviest option listed as the last one. 

1. Logitech G Pro X Superlight – 63 grams

Logitech’s G PRO X Superlight weighs just 63 grams but its dimensions (126 mm x 63 mm x 40 mm) are perfect for people with large hands regardless of your grip type. If you’re buying the mouse for multiple people in your household, you can rest assured that it suits even those of you with small to medium hands on all grips. 

Since it’s a wireless mouse, the Superlight packs in a 70-hour battery that charges via micro USB. There’s no RGB lighting present on the mouse but its 9 customizable buttons can be programmed using the Logitech G HUB application available on both Windows and macOS. As for its specs, the Superlight is powered by Logitech’s HERO 25K sensor that supports up to 16,000 DPI, 400+ IPS tracking speed, and 1000Hz polling rate. 

Buy on Amazon ($149.99) | BestBuy ($149.99) | Walmart ($146.83)

2. SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless – 66 grams

Similar to its wired option above, SteelSeries also offers the Aerox 3 wireless mouse that weighs 66 grams, just 6 grams more than its wired sibling. The wireless mouse has the same functionalities as the Aerox 3 like a TrueMove Air sensor, up to 18000 CPI resolution, 1000Hz polling rate, 40G acceleration, and 400 IPS speed. 

The mouse measures at 121 mm x 67 mm x 38 mm, making it one of the smallest in terms of length among the options listed here, second only to its wired alternative above. However, unless you follow a palm grip to do your work/gaming, you’re good to go as the size is perfect for Claw and Fingertip grip users. Its miniature size also suits both small and medium sizes hands as well; perfect if you plan to use the mouse with others. 

Being a wireless mouse, the Aerox 3 offers a 200-hour plus battery that’s rechargeable via USB Type-C and comes with fast charging support. The mouse connects to your computer via Bluetooth 5.0 or a 2.4Gz receiver and with dual-wireless connectivity, it lets you switch between Bluetooth and WiFi instantly. 

Buy on Amazon ($99.99) | BestBuy ($99.99) | Newegg ($99.99) | Walmart ($60.99)

3. Glorious Model O Wireless – 69 grams

The Model O Wireless is the same as Glorious’s Model O wired version listed above but with additional connectivity options. With dimensions of 128 mm x 67 mm x 38 mm, it’s slightly smaller in length than the wired edition but weighs a total of 69 grams, a little more than its wired counterpart. For those 2 additional grams, it packs in wireless 2.4 GHz connectivity and a 71-hour battery that can be recharged using a USB-C cable. 

The design supports all medium and large hands across all grip orientations. Unlike its wired edition, the Model O wireless is powered by the company’s own BAMF sensor that supports up to 19000 CPI, 50 step CPI adjustment, and 1000 Hz polling rate. There are now 6 programmable buttons including a DPI switching button, and a 24-step scrolling wheel. 

Buy on Amazon ($139.95) | Glorious ($79.99)

4. Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro – 88 grams

Weighing in 88 grams, Razer’s DeathAdder v2 Pro is the heaviest mouse in this list but the added bulk offers up to 120 hours of battery life, and customizable Chroma RGB Lighting. The added weight is also contributed by its bigger dimensions (128 mm x 70 mm x 43 mm) which suits all large hands and all hand grips. 

The Razer mouse packs a Focus+ sensor supporting up to 20000 CPI, 50 CPI adjustment, and 1000 Hz polling rate. You can customize all the 18 buttons on the mouse including dedicated switches for changing profiles or DPI adjustment. The v2 Pro works on both macOS and Windows but the compatible Razer Synapse 3 program for customization is only available on the latter. 

Buy on Amazon ($99.99) | BestBuy ($99.99) | Newegg ($116.99) | Walmart ($116.99)

These are all the lightweight mice that you can find for yourself if you’re someone with large hands. 


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