3 Best Google Nearby Sharing alternatives till it’s released

Apple’s leading operating systems — iOS and Mac OS — may very well be trailing Android and Windows in the race for global supremacy, but the company has a few fantastic tricks up its sleeve. The Cupertino giant has complete control over all its devices and services, so, it’s pretty straightforward for them to roll out features with cross-platform compatibility. Google, on the other hand, is forced to jump a lot of hoops to attain the same results on Android.

When it comes to seamless cross-platform file exchange, nothing really holds a candle to Apple’s AirDrop. The only pre-requisite here is to keep the compatible devices within 30ft of one another, and the rest is magically taken care of.

After being on the sidelines for a very long time, Google has finally announced its own interpretation of AirDrop called Nearby Sharing. The service would establish a Bluetooth handshake connection at first before switching over to Wi-Fi direct. XDA has found that we’ll need to keep the devices within 1 ft of each other to successfully establish the connection.

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Sadly, Google hasn’t announced a release date for the highly-anticipated service, so, it could be a couple of months before we know more about Nearby Sharing. Instead of sitting and waiting for the update/announcement to drop, we thought about doing something productive and telling you about three alternatives to Google’s Nearby Sharing.

Files by Google

For those unaware, Files by Google is a file manager application, packing enough features to replace your native file organizer. Apart from giving you a bunch of options to organize and declutter your device, the app doubles up as a handy file transfer tool. Simply head over to the Share tab on the Files by Google app and share files with nearby Files by Google users.

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Zapya is a dedicated file transfer app like Share It and Xender and has a bunch of tricks up its sleeve. Unlike Files by Google, Zapya supports cross-platform file transfer, meaning that you can share your favorite files with even iOS and Windows users. The app also supports super-quick file sharing with nearby devices. Simply shake your Zapya-installed, nearby devices to establish a connection. The data is then transferred over Wi-Fi direct.

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Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere, just as the name suggests, allows you to send your files anywhere across the globe. Apart from supporting Wi-Fi direct-powered nearby sharing, Send Anywhere also excels in cross-platform file sharing. The app is available for all major operating systems, so, you won’t have a hard time sharing your favorite files to all supported devices.

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