2 Awesome News Readers For Samsung Galaxy Tab [Works on other Android devices also]

It’s a whole new experience to use android OS on a 7-inch screen of Galaxy Tab. And what we expect the most convenient thing about bigger screens is better readability & navigation. So if you are a galaxy tab owner, and looking for some cool app that could make news reading on your tab a breeze, then for you we’ve worthy recommendations of 2 of the best free news readers available on the android market.

1. Pulse News Reader

Developed by Alphonso Labs, the Pulse News Reader has been featured in CNN, NYTimes & Fortune Magazine for being the best news reader for Apple’s iPad. And it has been a hit on android market as well. The app shows your favorite news in an interactive mosaic UI, and swiping through news is delighting. Moreover you can bump your device with friend’s to share stories. And on the social networking part — the app has full integration with Twitter & Facebook. Scan To Download Pulse News Reader

Download Pulse News Reader Android App for Free. Scan the QR Code in the right using a  bar code scanner app.

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2. My Taptu

My Taptu

My Taptu has launched just a few days ago, and the developers [Taptu] have mentioned it as an initial release. So, considering it sort of *Beta* stuff — you might not like the uncool thing that it only shows excerpts of the news content and you have to click ‘View in Browser’ button to read the rest of news in browser. Pretty lame — but we take it as the developers are working on it. Otherwise, the app is cool, and the UI is fresh & very navigable. And like Pulse, it also integrates with your Twitter & Facebook accounts.

Scan To Download Taptu Android AppDownload My Taptu Android App for Free. Scan the QR Code in the right using a  bar code scanner app.

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