$10-costing smart bulb from Philips is a great buy!

Philips Hue White LED bulb deal on Amazon

Anyone who is into the smart home will know that Philips has some of the best products out there.

One such item is the Philips Hue smart bulb, which boasts some impressive features to go with, but as always with Philips Hue products, the price is what keeps off many from what is otherwise a great product. Fortunately, Amazon wants you to have this bulb at just $10, a figure that is less steep than what we are used to seeing on the retailer.

In fact, this is easily the lowest price ever we’ve seen for the Philips Hue white LED bulb on the giant retailer, so be sure to grab it ASAP. This is especially since we don’t know how long the deal will be here.

Note that you can use Amazon Alexa to voice-control the smart bulb, but you’ll need the Philips Hue Hub for this to work perfectly. The Hue smart bulb also supports scheduling custom light scenes via the Hue app, among other features.

If interested, you can grab this deal via the link below, but do note that this price is for one bulb.

⇒ Buy Philips Hue white LED bulb on Amazon


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