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10 Awesome Android Games that you can Play with One Hand

Mobile games have come a long way from the days of the simple games like Snake and tetris. So much so that games of this age can easily rival console games from the last gen.

But even in these days when developers are increasingly stressing on cutting-edge graphics, there are times when we prefer simplicity rather than complexity. And then we have nowhere to go but head to games we can play as easily as possible, with just one hand. Whether it be on our ride back from work or while having that casual snack in the evening, these games are the most addictive of the lot and are most suited to mobile gameplay too.


So, to stop you from relishing your favourite snack with utter concentration, we have come up with a list of games suited for exactly when you just have one limb at your disposal for your beloved smartphone. Don’t wait, you just need one hand to scroll down and check it out for yourself.


Flappy Bird

Every once a while there comes along a game which pushes the levels of insanity to such an extent that the mere existence of the smartphone in your hands is dangerous, to say the least. The objective of the game is simple. There’s a bird (or bird-like creature) which, you are supposed to guide from between pipes by tapping the screen. The bird itself has serious flying-issues and remains in the air while you keep tapping the screen. Every pair of pipes you navigate through will give you one point. You have been warned though– the game is highly addictive and may even hurl you into nightmares when you realise that this simple game is anything but simple. The download links are here for you to start flapping those wings.

► Download Flappy Bird (Play Store) |  Download Flappy Bird APK


Temple Run 2

This game could’ve never been excluded from this list and most of you were probably expecting it too. The first iteration of this game was an instant hit when it came out and the franchise still remains among the most popular games on any smartphone platform. Temple Run 2 saw a drastic jump in the graphics department too while the game-play became even more varied and dynamic. And there is no denying the fact that this was among the games that kicked-off the downpour of endless runners on android. Here’s the link for your downloading pleasure.

► Download Temple Run 2


Agent Dash

The name’s Dash, Agent Dash. Yep, that is the most apt way to introduce this game. You are a tuxedo flaunting agent, running through enemy bases– destroying whatever needs to be destroyed in your wake. It is an endless runner with power-ups and various characters to choose from. The in-game music too is impressive while the graphics are refreshingly different from other endless runners. The game is available for free in the Play Store.

► Download Agent Dash


Subway Surfers

Yes, a third game of the endless running genre. But then, this too is a game whose popularity has rewarded it with a place here. It’s one of the most downloaded games of the genre and even though it’s been quite some time since it was launched; the developers have kept it interesting through numerous updates covering major cities around the world. The gameplay comprises of directional swipe gestures and is quite addictive. It has a characterised by a fast pace and scores can be compared on facebook with your friends too. The game is available for free.

► Download Subway Surfers



Freeze is a casual puzzler with a uniquely identifiable ‘hero’. The so-called protagonist looks like an eyeball and players are supposed to guide it to a warp-like spot by rotating the frame in each level. But there’s a catch, there are various obstacles in the game which can be avoided only by ‘freezing’ the frame, which, also stops gravity on a tap. The controls are intuitive and the difficulty level increases gradually with great level-design along the way. We’d say that this quite a different take on the puzzle genre and is definitely worth a try. Head over to the Play Store for a game that is refreshingly unique.

► Download Freeze


Despicable Me

If you have watched the blockbuster by the same name, you probably already know the minions. For those unaware, the minions are little cute yellow creatures with a language of their own. They are cute, and, funny! The game? Well it’s all about the minions and their pursuit. But the animations are pretty precisely done and the gameplay too has a sense of dynamism to it. The endless run can suddenly change to a jump in mid-air on a pony or a battle with the villain. The game audio too is fantastic. Go on, it’s one of the gems from Gameloft and it’s free!

► Download Despicable Me


Cut the Rope : Time Travel

Remember OmNom? Well for those who have no idea who he is, OmNom is a little green monster with an addiction for candies. And in this game, somehow the candies elude him and you are to his rescue. The candies are hanging from various ropes which you have to cut with a swipe of your finger (as easy as that sounds, the later levels seriously force you to re-think that impression of the game). Yes, it’s a physics based puzzler with cute animations and can help you kill a lot of your spare time! This is the third game of the series and definitely as addictive as the first two, if not more. Go on ahead, it’s available for free on the Play Store.

► Download Cut the Rope : Time Travel


Candy Crush Saga

If you are an ardent facebook user, chances are that you have already heard about this game. Candy Crush Saga is a notoriously famous game which originated from facebook and later got ported to the android OS too. The game is integrated with facebook and shows your friends’ scores for comparison. Now the gameplay– there are candies, too many candies in fact, and you are supposed to move the similar ones together. The better combos you make, the higher is your score. As the candies get crushed, you get to boast about your score to your facebook friends at the end of a level! Sounds fun? Here’s the download link then..

► Download Candy Crush Saga


Ultimate Hangman HD

Words can be intense. And if a stick man is hanging by a rope, getting close to being ‘hanged’ with every wrong choice you make; then you know what we are talking about. Ultimate Hangman HD is such a game in which you have to complete the word to save the stick man. The animations are hilarious and the gameplay is as simple as can be. There is also a two-player mode, if you were wondering.

► Download Ultimate Hangman HD


Where’s my Perry

Disney is one game developer that knows how to handle puzzlers if the ‘Where’s My Water’ games are any indication. Where’s my Perry is another game on similar lines but on steroids. There’s an entertaining agent-theme in the game as you are supposed to save Agent Perry by making way for the water, steam, or ice so that the trap he’s in, is opened. The game has numerous levels of varying difficulty level and the graphics are as responsive as can be.
► Download Where’s My Perry


Given the volume of games available in Play Store we could have easily skipped a good game suitable enough to be listed here. But if you happen to know one, feel free to let us know in comments below.