Zune Home – Get the Feel of Windows Phone 7 UI even before Microsoft launches it?

Zune Home Android App

We know its all do-or-die game for Microsoft with its upcoming ‘all-new’ Windows Phone 7, said to be based on UI imported from its Zune media players. Well, that gives us a freakish desire to try the Zune interface right on our android phone too. Luckily for you and us, Zune Home has just been launched into the rapidly growing android market and makes a fitting case.

The Zune Home is basically Home Screen launcher that promises a Zune-like exprience right on your favorite android phone, be it the notorious Droid, Droid X, just launched Droid 2. Or the Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung hottie, which we think is a great cause of global warming going by the way Samsung has landed this device wordwide-ly.

Hope the Zune Home keeps us amused until Windows Phone 7 series phone actually hit the market, since we will be all out looking for more expansion of the app, based on real and pure Windows Phone 7 UI, No?

— BTW, note that your phone should be running android 2.1 or higher to be able to run this app.

Download the Zune Home android app from market for $2.99. Oh, we wished it was available for FREE but that’s not the case here. Let us know what you think. Its amusing and different, but is it worth?

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