ZTE Blade Vantage/Vantage 2 update: Verizon rolling out November 2019 security patch for Vantage 2

ZTE Blade Vantage update

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December 13, 2019: Verizon Wireless has released the first software update for the ZTE Blade Vantage 2. Carrying software version Z3153VV1.0.0B12, the OTA delivers the November 2019 security patch.

November 07, 2019: Verizon has released a software update for the ZTE Blade Vantage. Carrying software version  Z839V1.0.0B26, the update brings the October 2019 security patch for the carrier-locked device.

May 30, 2019: Leading telecom operator, Verizon Wireless, has announced the release of a new software update for the ZTE Blade Vantage. This update is only for those phones that are carrier-locked by Verizon. Notably, this update comes nearly three months after Verizon last pushed an OTA update for the phone.

Just like three months earlier, this new update offers the latest security patch that brings the phone’s Android security level to April 2019, up from the previous February patch. The new update bears software version Z839V1.0.0B24 and can be downloaded directly by tapping on the update notification on your phone.

Software update timeline

Blade Vantage 2

Date Software Version — Changelog
13 Dec 2019 Z3153VV1.0.0B12 — November 2019 security patch

Blade Vantage

Date Software & Android version Changelog
07 Nov 2019  Z839V1.0.0B26 | Android 8.1 October 2019 security patch
30 May 2019 Z839V1.0.0B24Android 8.1 April 2019 security patch
06 Mar 2019 Z839V1.0.0B23 | Android 8.1 February 2019 security patch and updates to the Ignite app
25 Jan 2019 Z839V1.0.0B22 | Android 8.1 January 2019 security patch
27 Nov 2018 Z839V1.0.0B21 | Android 8.1 November 2018 security patch
28 Aug 2018 Z839V1.0.0B20 | Android 8.1 August 2018 security patch

Android Pie update

  • Not eligible

The Blade Vantage isn’t part of ZTE’s Android 9 Pie plans, so don’t expect such an update to come your way.

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